The d. - hole ep

Consider the so-called “Fake Barn” scenario, an often-cited Gettier-type case used by Alvin Goldman (Goldman, 1976, pp. 772-73). Suppose Henry is driving through a Wisconsin town, admiring the scenery. He sees a barn and believes “there’s a barn.” Unbeknownst to Henry, this Wisconsin town is full of papier-mâché barn facsimiles, which look like real barns when viewed from the road. However, the structure Henry happens to look at is a genuine barn. He just happens to glance in the direction where one of the few real barns is located. His belief is true since he’s looking at a genuine barn. He also appears justified in holding this belief. Henry believes what seems to him to be the case. He has no reason to believe that anything is suspicious about his perceptions, much less that he’s in a town mostly populated with fake barns. He also knows that barns are fairly common in this part of the state. Nonetheless, it seems that, however justified Henry may be in holding this belief, he doesn’t know that there is a barn present. He is of course lucky to believe what is true in this circumstance, but it’s precisely this feature of the situation that raises doubt about whether he knows there is a barn before him. Had he looked at any other time, his eyes would have landed on a fake barn and his resultant belief would have been false. Knowledge would seem to require that it not be a matter of epistemic serendipity that one’s belief is true.

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Jim Thirlwell's second "Wish" remix, "Fist Fuck", features samples of Timothy Leary while the final track, "Screaming Slave", contains various samples of Bob Flanagan being tortured that were recorded during the filming of the " Happiness in Slavery " music video.

THE RED(-HEELED) WOMAN | Rhonda visits Hakeem’s babyproofed pad with Anika, and when a box of infant supplies almost falls on her,she has a flashback to her tragic fall — and remembers she was pushed. Later, back at Anika’s, she spies her buddy’s red-heeled shoe — and has a horrific awakening that the woman who’s been offering her a crash pad may be the one responsible for her losing her baby. Except… if it plays out that way, it’s a little too bland-basic for Empire , no? So I fully expect a more twisted end game — and Anika being exonerated. You?

The D. - Hole EPThe D. - Hole EPThe D. - Hole EPThe D. - Hole EP