Seizmik blood / momentum

momentous formed 1650s in English from moment to carry the sense of "important" while momentary kept the meaning "of an instant of time."

#H_2SO_4# sulfuric acid will donate an #H^+# in solution to form #H_3O^+# hydronium. The remaining #HSO_4^-# would be the conjugate base of this dissociation.

While wall running or climbing, a player may initiate a melee attack, causing the frame to launch off the wall at the angle of the direction aimed, with a special melee attack animation. The attack will change depending on what melee weapon is used; most weapons will slash the air in front of them as they launch, while heavy weapons will swing the weapon around them, and sparring weapons will launch with a forward punch. This maneuver is also useful as it may be used to leap parallel to the wall surface during a wall run; in contrast, releasing the jump key will always jump away from the wall.

Bunkhouse , Outdoor Kitchen , 36 ft 11 in in length , weighs 7745 lbs lbs , sleeps up to 7 , 3 slides , many colors ...more

PS Using Seismic Inversion and Seismic Stratigraphy as a Combined Tool for Understanding a Small Scale Turbidite System: Gola Field, Pannonian Basin, Croatia , Domagoj Vukadin and Kristina Čikeš, #20419 (2017).

Seizmik Blood / Momentum