Mubarek first contact

General elections saw greater openness. More political parties formed and the Muslim Brotherhood was able to contest elections in 1984 and 1987 with its members running as independents.

In 2006 the prison became the first to migrate onto the CNOMIS computer system. This was a large undertaking at great financial impact to the government.

On the 5 th and 6 th August 2017, the Tabletop Competition was held at St. Joseph’s Secondary School from 9 . to 5 . Four students from our school participated in the competition and they were Amanda Ngu, Leezzie John, Audrey Stefanie and  Alya binti Rafaie. Our school team emerged as the 1 st runner-up out of the 13 schools competing and they won a cash prize worth RM1000 as well as RM350 for the school.

Mubarek First ContactMubarek First ContactMubarek First ContactMubarek First Contact