Mr. lexx mr. lex / gringo - nah go down deh / a so mi stay

In 2000, Mr. Lexx released an album called Mr. Lex that spent five weeks on the Billboard Reggae Chart and peaked at number twelve. [1]

Forty-four tracks of gruff-voiced deejay Mr. Lexx blessing a varying collection of riddim heaters poses a dilemma for the newly ADD-addled: which awesome cut to listen to first, new-classic singles like "Dem a Pree" or random illness like "Big Up (Friends)" on the "Best I Ever Had" beat or mean old punchers like "Cook"? If you're super freaked out by the range of selection, Federation Sound has provided you with the option to download Lex-i-con (heh) as individually marked tracks or as one whole MP3 stream. Whichever you choose, make sure you get at least halfway through to the Federation's refix of "Buss a Whine," it's laser-cut. Tracklist after the jump.

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This 20-tune CD is packed with catchy hits, making it an essential for dancehall fans. "Ring Mi Cellie," Lexxus ' first smash, percolates with hip-winding beats and testosterone: "She say that mi not easy/She kinda vex/'Cause her best friend please me." "Di Message," featuring Dean Fraser 's unmistakable sax playing, adds an old school rocksteady flavor to the mix. The ingenious "Thug Love," with golden-voiced Wayne Wonders, samples Donna Summer 's "Love to Love You Baby," and "Stress" burns with slammin' beats. Mr. Lex announces a promising career for Lexxus .