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Unfortunately, I've had a bit of a struggle to create this kind of event for a guest list of over 100 people. You end up sacrificing those quality personal touches to accommodate the sheer quantity of guests. For example, it is simply not possible for me to hand-stitch over 40 translucent pockets in the time that I have. (The sewing machine was proving troublesome when working with this paper and, believe me, I'm no seamstress!). I've instead settled with only sewing 5 stitches in each side.

Oh my how this post is Tops!! I love every single T-item, you are so awesome at what you do and your daughter is adorable! Happy Birthday Natalie, have fun being TWO :)

Last year I did some wood block letters for Christmas and I had a request to do some more this year. You need some 2”x4”s, a sanding ...

Pete Rock builds his beats from samples, the majority of which are taken from obscure R&B , funk , and jazz records. Early on in his career he would also sample drum breaks such as Black Heat 's "Zimba Ku" for Heavy D & The Boyz 's "Letter To The Future". Pete Rock heavily used the E-mu SP-1200 as well as the AKAI [S950]—later moving onto using the MPC—for his productions. Pete Rock tends to use the samples as palettes for his beats, chopping (cutting the sample into smaller parts), filtering (altering the frequencies of the sample), and layering several samples, often within the same song. While this technique was applied long before Rock (on De La Soul 's Three Feet High and Rising or the work of The Bomb Squad for example), Rock's work is distinctive for the way in which he uses samples to achieve a hazy, droning effect. He is also noted for his resonant basslines, horn samples, and gritty sounding drums. His beats often sound as though they were being played from an old vinyl record; he samples many of his sounds straight off these records. [20] He frequently recorded at Greene St. Recording in Manhattan , having liked the equalizer that was used there, which gave many of his productions a wah-wah effect. [21]

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