Bob wills & his texas playboys bob wills take me back to tulsa

The western swing pioneer wrote "Spanish Two-Step" in his early days of entertaining Mexican audiences, created the original "San Antonio Rose" at a 1938 session by playing the its bridge backwards, and added new lyrics two years later to score his first national hit. Uptight traditionalists have criticized innovative country stars for deviating from some imaginary idea of "real country" for just about as long as there have been country stars to criticize, and Wills was no exception, outraging the cranks when he played his signature tune at the Opry with drums and horns. By Keith Harris

In early 2007 Cimarron Manifesto was Jimmy’s second release on Red House Records where it spent several weeks as number one on the Americana music chart. Later that year, Jimmy along with recording engineer Fred Remmert and Dallas businessman Kelcy Warren established Music Road Records. The label’s first CD release was Ribbon Of Highway–Endless Skyway, a two disc set from the Woody Guthrie tribute tour. Music Road also owns and operates two Texas based recording facilities — Cedar Creek Recording in Austin and Cherokee Creek Recording in the Texas hill country.

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The biggest-selling record of World War II was a hit for Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra — and inspired by an eyebrow-raising bar conversation.

Wills' visionary role as country's first master of genre-bridging musical synthesis can hardly be overstated. Channeling jazz, hillbilly music, blues, citified dance styles and Latin rhythms into his brand of "Texas fiddle music," he proved that country could be as wide-ranging and vibrant as any music on the planet. With ace steel guitar player Leon McAuliffe and the smooth vocals of Tommy Duncan, Wills' Texas Playboys hit their peak in the 1930s and 1940s with hits like "Steel Guitar Rag" and "San Antonio Rose," songs that were rollicking yet smooth, downhome yet urbane. His influence extended far beyond country: Chuck Berry used the beat from Wills' 1983 version of the traditional tune "Ida Red" in writing his classic "Maybelline." .

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys Bob Wills Take Me Back To TulsaBob Wills & His Texas Playboys Bob Wills Take Me Back To TulsaBob Wills & His Texas Playboys Bob Wills Take Me Back To TulsaBob Wills & His Texas Playboys Bob Wills Take Me Back To Tulsa