Venus - night of the demons

Instead, the super-rotation seems to be more irregular and chaotic on the night side, according to these scientists. They say that night side upper clouds form different shapes and morphologies than those found elsewhere on Venus. They found large, wavy, patchy, irregular, and filament-like patterns, many of which are unseen in dayside images.

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What little we know about the planet’s surface has come from years worth of radar imaging, the most recent of which was conducted by NASA’s Magellan spacecraft (aka. the Venus Radar Mapper). Using synthetic aperture radar, the robotic space probe spent four years (1990-1994) mapping the surface of Venus and measuring its gravitational field before its orbit decayed and it was “disposed of” in the planet’s atmosphere.

Venus takes 243 Earth-days to rotate on its axis, by far the slowest of any of the major planets, and because of this sluggish spin, its metal core cannot generate a magnetic field similar to Earth's.

Tracking a ghost mission 238 million km away 09 January 2015 On 16 December, ESA's hugely successful Venus Express mission came to an end after it exhausting its remaining propellant as of 28 November. But while no more science data can be gathered, and no more attempts to send commands will be made, the operations team at ESOC are able to continue monitoring radio signals from the spacecraft. Read more

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Venus - Night Of The DemonsVenus - Night Of The DemonsVenus - Night Of The DemonsVenus - Night Of The Demons