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If you like woody fruity bit sour mysterious scents then you'll love this. I love it!

My friend in uni had this,and since we were in a country with very hot humid climate I thought she was crazy spraying this on her even tho I thought it smelled very daring and amazing. So years later I got a body mist, one of the cheap ones that you get from supermarkets and it smelled like Rush but of course I'd forgotten what Rush smelled like so I just thought it smelled familiar. I don't think the body mist lasted on me much tho.

So anyway today after 5-6 years I received my Gucci Rush and I loved the packaging. So modern! and the "bottle" slid through it in my hand.

I just sprayed some... And for the first 5 mins I thought well I spent so much on something that was so easily copied by a cheap body mist. But... Omg nooo! WAIT... It's getting better... I thought I smelled orange at first. I don't know, maybe in my country orange smells like peach. Haha! But after 10 minutes I can smell peach, yeah. It's not like an innocent blushing peach. As someone else mentioned in their review, it's like a crazy on acid peach. You want to label it beautiful, but that's not what it was made for. I'm sniffing it again now, it's been 20 mins and yeah it's a crazy party and nope, no one has ever been even close to copying this. I must have been crazy to think that at first!
It smells like a different hot woody peach. But peach only comes to mind cuz I've read other reviews here. I would have never thought it myself. I can't name other notes tho. It's well blended.

I love it. It's like I'm in the closet that has a door to Narnia.

I can wear it to work even tho I have to sit close to people's faces but I wanna save the feeling for special occasions and also don't want people to associate this smell with my office cuz they're scared of my profession and hate coming to me anyway. Lol.
Can tell the silage and longevity are great. Congratulations to me!

Edit: 6 hours later still going strong! Sillage hasn't gone down either. This is a monster. Nothing lasts this long on me.

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How is her being married not going to be part of the show?! I understand when children are involved and they aren’t allowed to be filmed like OC Tamra or NY Bethenny. But usually Bravo demands that the women at least acknowledge their dating/significant other like with OC Vicky or Atl Phaedra.

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