Dj hero feel the noise / i'm in control

" ... [E]verybody would form a circle and the B-boys would go into the center. At first the dance was simple: touch your toes, hop, kick out your leg. Then some guy went down, spun around on all fours. Everybody said wow and went home to try to come up with something better." [14]

Disco Ball’z – Got Da Power (Original Mix) [Not Fashion Group]
Dj Jazzy D The GrooveMaster – My Reservations (Original Mix) [TakeOvaRecords]
Joy Marquez – Unbao (Original Mix) [RH2]
Louise DaCosta – I Believe (Unit 29 Remix) [Full Tilt Recordings]
Patrick Richmond – Survive (Dub Mix) [Soulsearcher Recordings]
Puff-N-Stuff – Big Ups (Original Mix) [8 Down]
Puff-N-Stuff – Gnaw Gnaw (Original Mix) [8 Down]
Puff-N-Stuff – Grooves & Pills (Original Mix) [8 Down]
TNT, Patrock – Isla Fuego (Original Mix) [Statik Records]

Ready to  champion Fonk Recordings  and its talents no matter the artists’ experience or infancy,  Dannic’s musical passion underpins his every move  as a  DJ for the people , weather this be his noteworthy peers passing praise or his  millions of fans around the globe  connecting both in the flesh and via a plethora of digital mediums, the scene waits with bated breath for the next move of this  shining Breda producer…

This month’s episode of THE BOXXX REPORT RADIO on NTS features an exclusive mix from the artist Joel Holmberg’s legendary project DJ FILETYPE SWF. Joel gets in the mix with music

You’re going to need a logo. It’s one of the big things that’s changed in the last few years. All the big DJs have a logo. It looks great on flyers, and stands them out from all the other DJs listed in a standard typeface on those club flyers. But think about how your name will look as a logo. Is it took long for a designer to do anything with? Are there other complications? (Lots of “m”s and “w”s can make for a messy logo, for instance…)

One of the things that made DJ Sbu the success that he is today is consistency. He kept working at his goals even when he was discouraged. “Based on my experiences, I have learnt that consistency is key. A lot of people have great ideas but they give up when things get tough. If I gave up with my energy drink, Mofaya, I would not be where I am today,” he says, boasting that they are now selling millions of drinks a year.   

DJ Hero Feel The Noise / I'm In ControlDJ Hero Feel The Noise / I'm In ControlDJ Hero Feel The Noise / I'm In ControlDJ Hero Feel The Noise / I'm In Control