O.g. style - catch 'em slipping

Sidebar: OG Style was a short-lived two-person group. Rapper Eric Woods, one half of it, kept the name when they split. It died with him in 2008.

[ The E (& DJ Boss ) ]
Hey yo Boss
(Yo, what's up?)
Yo man, we been waitin on this break for a long time
(Word, long time, gee)
But yo, why don't we take it on that other level
And this time we'll go nationwide
(Yo, but what about the doubters?)
Yo man, I know we got some doubters
But eh, why don't you rock some funky drums
And let me drop some cool lyrics and eh
We'll just get paid, knowmsayin?

( *DJ Boss cuts up* )
(I know how to)

[ Hook: The E ]
I know how to play em, yeah
I know how to catch em slippin
I know how to play em, yeah
I know how to catch em slippin

[ VERSE 1: The E ]
Why don't I just sit back, let em make a dumb track
Act like it's a hype track
Play scared and don't write back
Let him play big shot, thinkin that he's real hot
All the time I be schemin on a big plot
Baitin the man till the kid gets scent strong
He's gettin real souped, but yo, he's dead wrong
I ain't goin out like a sucker, no way, Jack
Time to get busy, this is my payback
First we'll get into this while I enter this
Content of smooth rhymes is built for this
Then I get wild, I get real wild
Profile like a child but I freestyle
Then I'mma activate while I captivate
MC's try to breeze, but yo, that'll take
Measures and measures of metaphors and beat breaks
But you come with a smile and a handshake
Singin that same 4th Ward ain't jack tune
Let's squash that and step to the backroom
It really doesn't matter who you are and where you come from
Long as you get the job done
Cause yo

[ Hook ]

[ VERSE 2: The E ]
Then he'll be thinkin that he can walk by me
But I ain't down with that, don't even try me
I'm the Original E down with crew OG
And Boss is in here rockin the beat
Step on up to this, you'll be down to dig
You'll be dissed and dismissed like that other kid
Straight out the pack he's wack
I tried tellin him that
He tried frontin at E and Jack (what's up)
He don't want nothin, he frontin, laughin, gigglin
Jokin and gankin, still he wasn't thinkin
That's how I planned it all cool and subtle, right?
I didn't talk about it, I just did it, you like
Boss, so if you was in it from the get-go
You tuned in to a real pro
Cause yo

[ Hook ]

[ The E ]
Yo Boss, break it down

( *DJ Boss cuts up* )
(Played him like a sucker)

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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art, described by Pabon as "a form of self defense disguised as a dance." [27] Its influence on breaking is disputed and debated; one side believes that breaking came from capoeira, while the other side denies this. Capoeira is hundreds of years older than breaking, and uprock is similar in purpose to capoeira in that both translate aggressive combat movements into stylized dance. Both breaking and capoeira are performed to music and, since both art forms are acrobatic, some moves look similar to each other. However, capoeira is more rule-oriented. One rule in capoeira is that a capoeirista's back can never touch the ground. [28] [29] In contrast, a breaker's back is almost always on the ground, and the only rule in breaking is that you do not touch your opponent during a battle. [30]

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