Faux pas - støy = gull

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Lasse Marhaug: Learning To Fly [7″]
Jazkamer / Mark Durgan: split [7″]
Phonoloid: Phonoloid [7″]
Lasse Marhaug / Mats Gustafsson: For Åke Hodell [7″]
Sunn0)): Dømkirke [LP]
Feiler Marhaug: No More Drama [LP]
Yeh / Lasse Marhaug: The Elementary Particles [7″]
Jazkamer: Art Breaker [CD]
Fire Room: Broken Music [CD]
Lasse Marhaug: Ear Era [CD]
Marhaug Bad Kharma: Red Tape Rot 6 [tape]
G-Hörsturz: Complete Works (collaboration material) [3 x tape]
Sudden Infant: Psychotic Einzelkind (remix as LM) [CD]
Circulasione Totale Orchestra: Open Port [CD]