Dj sharaz sharaz kill everything

Still feeling this one...I agree, best "in for the kill" remix to date, hands down( and this is now two years later!). Keep it bangin brotha!

 · Amjal Rafiq, 38, Nabeel Kurshid, 34, Iqlak Yousaf, 33, Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 36, Aftab Hussain, 38, Abid Saddiq, 36, Sharaz Hussain, 33, Salah Ahmed ...

In 2011, Sharaz resumed regular touring, and currently uses Ableton Live and an Akai APC40 MIDI controller , rather than CD players or turntables, as a basis for his live DJ sets. In August 2013, Sharaz released his first album in nearly nine years entitled "Been There Done That" consisting of entirely new material.

In early 2010, after a several year hiatus (from approx 2006 - 2010), Sharaz began producing and releasing new tracks again via Soundcloud , Beatport and iTunes .

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Industrial is a goth / rock / punk related genre. While the genre is not usually considered rave music in itself, it is often fused with rave music genres. Industrial is the origin of many sounds found in rave music; it is one of the first genres that took the sounds that are now popular in rave music such as "acid" as its musical backdrop. Industrial music fans are usually considered rivetheads and do not tend to call themselves ravers .

DJ Sharaz Sharaz Kill Everything