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Ohio State faculty and students are engineering new hybrid car technologies and utilizing modeling and simulations to guide their design decisions.

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Perhaps an even simpler – though highly controversial – possibility could be that the ship traveled to another quadrant of space, far beyond where Starfleet should be capable of going in the 23rd century. A trip to the Delta quadrant and a massive field of spaceship debris means something very specific to savvy Star Trek fans – the Borg . It would be tough to reconcile the Borg encountering a Starfleet vessel so early in the timeline, as The Next Generation makes it fairly clear they’re unaware of the Federation until the events of that series’ second season episode “Q Who.” However, Enterprise used the time travel shenanigans of the film Star Trek: First Contact to tell a Borg story within the prequel confines of that series, and it’s not like Discovery has shown any particular problem with bending established continuity when it feels the urge.

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The end result? Although physics proved that pykrete had impressive potential, it was mostly left to thaw out after the British government shut down project Habbakuk.

This is a seriously good fun experience along one of the most stunning river and forest systems in Australia; a very special setting that only a local has access to.

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