Madness - presents: the rise and fall

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Films: [VIEW TRAILER] Skyline – World Premiere
Director/Writer: Colin MacDonald/Producer: Colin MacDonald, Annie Valentina/Cast: Annie Valentina, Gharrett Patrick Paon, Matthew Nette, Margaret Legere/Length: 13:35/Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017

In the wake of a life altering medical diagnosis, Molly is forced to examine the life she has built with her partner, who sees her condition more of a burden than a tragedy. [VIEW TRAILER] AmeriKa  – New Brunswick Premiere
Director/Writer: Ryan Ward/Producer: Mackenzie Gruer/Cast: Toby Grey, Mackenzie Gruer, Ryan Ward, Maurice Whitfield, Zarif/Length: 14:00/Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2017

A portrait of two parents and their 8-year-old son struggling against the harsh realities of inner-city life in an alternate version of modern day America. Play Rewind Play – New Brunswick Premiere

Director/Writer: Stephanie Clattenburg/Producer: Stephanie Clattenburg, Sahar Yousefi/Cast: Petra O’Toole, David Casey, Wendy Lecuyer, Tanya Colbo/Length: 10:46/Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017

In a near future, where time travel is as common as air travel is today, a young woman spends her days revisiting one painful memory. Pearls – New Brunswick Premiere

Director/Writer: Shelley Thompson/Producer: Kimberlee McTaggart/Cast: Robb Wells, Jennie Raymond, Michelle Raine/Length: 10:00/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017

Miranda realizes her son Donald can only become the woman she is by defying her father and leaving their farm, in an outfit Miranda provides that includes a much-loved heirloom. Breathing Through a Straw – New Brunswick Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Leigh Rivenbark/Cast: Christian Lloyd, Trevor Pease, Tarah Consoli, Will Brisbin, Doug Mertz/Length: 18:00/Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2017

When a hookup ends in homicide, Parker decides to confront the man who abused him as a child.

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Madness - Presents: The Rise And FallMadness - Presents: The Rise And FallMadness - Presents: The Rise And FallMadness - Presents: The Rise And Fall