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This huge collection of 129 non-scary optical illusions and fascinating visual phenomena emphasizes interactive exploration, beauty, and scientific explanation.

An elevation is a common method of depicting the external configuration and detailing of a 3-dimensional object in two dimensions. Building façades are shown as elevations in architectural drawings and technical drawings .

Anchor Tattoo Designs - The Anchor tattoo is a design that has been a fixture of modern western tattooing for the better part of two centuries, and has even more ancient symbolic roots going back several millennia. The anchor is a favorite of individuals who are associated with marine or naval careers. In ancient times the anchor, like the fish, was a symbol with ties to the early Christian church. An anchor tattoo can be thought of as holding one steadfast, like an anchor holding a great sailing ship safe in harbour, against winds and currents that might carry it astray... more

As for being able to see camouflage colors I make up for the deficiency by see differences in shades and unnatural patters where none should be. For example a straight line or slight shadows where none should be. Here normal sighted people might not see the slight differences in shades.

mid-13c., "clear (rubbish, grass, etc.) by raking; gather (grain) by raking," from rake (), or from a lost Old English verb related to it, or from a similar Scandinavian source (cf. Swedish raka , Danish rage "rake"). Of gunfire from 1630s. Related: Raked ; raking . To rake in money or something like it is from 1580s.

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Various - AnamorphosisVarious - AnamorphosisVarious - AnamorphosisVarious - Anamorphosis