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Daleks' voices are electronic; when out of its casing the mutant is only able to squeak. [22] Once the mutant is removed, the casing itself can be entered and operated by humanoids; for example, in The Daleks , Ian Chesterton ( William Russell ) enters a Dalek shell to masquerade as a guard as part of an escape plan. [20]

I also watched the other video on YouTube. Am I the only one having MST3K flashbacks with zdogg as Joel, tom is tom servo, and Logan is crow?

It appears that UNUM is trying to intimidate me or strong ARM me. They closed my case because I didn’t give them the information they requested. My reason being I felt they were dirty because after having my stroke. I let a representative come to the house to check me out. I gave him the stroke information. A copy of my award letter from SSDI resulting them reducing my income from 1500 to 151 aproximately. I signed a paper for them to keep the 151 dollars. They want me to pay them back for $ by 4/18/11. Giving me two options to pay. Neither of them making it easy knowing I receive $1476 a month. No medical insurance until 2012 so I have to pay out of the pocket for medicines and doctors visits. I haven’t contacted them because I know it’s going to make my blood pressure go up and I don’t want to die like that. If I knew at the beginning that I had to pay back any money. I signed a paper in 9/09. It didn’t click because I felt despair to receive income to pay some bills. Later after speaking with other people then realizing that if they give me money for two years and I have to pay that back. It would be probably be $20,000 or more. That’s why that lady didn’t want me to apply for SSDI. I did it anyway. I don’t understand the game they play in the insurance industry. I take the blame for my ignorance for signing with them. I need help fighting the big bad wolf. I’m waiting for them to sue me.

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