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Life was difficult on Bajor, where slave  labour , war, and genocide were a normality. Nerys always stood firmly behind her ideals and was both a talented speaker and a genuine warrior. She was a key figure in the Dominion Wars and was promoted to the end of the series as Colonel.

Eventually revealing her true nature, Seska went on to return to her original Cardassian appearance and antagonize the “Voyager” crew for several episodes. And her betrayal hit the character of Chakotay particularly hard, as the two of them were romantically linked. We can likely expect a similar dynamic to arise between Burnham and Tyler/Voq, as Burnham’s dealt with enough disappointment and betrayal already — this additional instance will probably hit her pretty hard.

Authorities are now reporting that two people died in a helicopter crash near Charlottesville this afternoon in connected with the rally, though it remains unclear how the deaths and the protests are linked.

One of the possible paths that came into my mind while readingĀ  Designing Your LifeĀ  was UX research/design. I knew it was already in my wheelhouse of experience, but just under a different label. I signed up for a UX bootcamp at General Assembly and it turns out that I loved it. While so much of user experience is about designing apps and websites, what I loved most was the focus on the work that goes in behind the scenes, in person, off the computer, and through sketches. The power of disconnecting to lead to stronger solutions. (Spoiler alert: you’ll see this connects to a pivot later in the year.)

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Voyager - We're The One'sVoyager - We're The One'sVoyager - We're The One'sVoyager - We're The One's