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Andrew Bagg, otherwise known as DJ Cobra , a prominent fixture in nightlife and party scene, has officially announced the release for his highly anticipated album illionaire , which is available tomorrow. The new album showcases over 300 samples ranging from Gucci Mane to Blue Oyster Cult. Eclectic, that's for sure. illionaire continues where DJ Cobra's debut album Iller leaves off. Iller has received close to 250,000 downloads since its release in June of 2009. That's ill, right?

DJ Cobra started producing mash-ups in 2007, when the novelty of mixing together popular songs was really taking off. With DJ Cobra's innovative approach to mixing together contemporary and classic tracks together, he became one of the top 20 selling mash-up producers in the world. His remixes have been very well received by the DJ community and consumers, a near-impossible feat.

To download illionaire on January 25th, go here .

To watch part one of DJ Cobra's video series for illionaire , go here /

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It's now out and available for download, and somewhere The Coup is breathing a sigh of relief that they no longer have the most coincidentally poorly timed album art in the history of pop music.

Cobra: David Guetta always has the most well mixed house songs. His level of perfectionism is unparalleled. Growing up my favorite hip hop producer was always DJ Premier. I love Kanye's willingness to take risks and try new things, Lil Wayne's work ethic and Bruno Mars 's writing. So many other artists inspire me I could go on for days.

DJ Cobra IllerDJ Cobra IllerDJ Cobra IllerDJ Cobra Iller