Davy dee - donkey kong / pac man

Decca, long one of the UK's premier phonographic labels, began issuing 45rpm single discs steadily at the end of 1953. For some years, these releases continued to be issued on 78rpm discs also. The label roster expanded in the rock era to include releases by The Small Faces, David Bowie and most notably The Rolling Stones. Decca folded in 1983. Note - This Discography only lists singles (45s) for the moment, from November 1953. 78rpm versions of these singles ceased in January 1960 (from Decca F11197 on.) An LP section may be added in the future.

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In the novel Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle , after Donkey Kong breaks Funky Kong out of his cell, the Kongs are confronted by an individual Kritter who leads a "squadron" of Kremlings . Kritter threatens to put Funky Kong back into his cell, along with his friends. Donkey Kong distracts Kritter and the rest of the Kremlings with a hand slap , and then uses some "masterful monkey maneuvers" to defeat several Kremlings. Kritter and another Kremling grab Cranky Kong , and Kritter says "Stop your assault or the old ape gets it!". However, Cranky says "Who are you calling an old ape, you big green toad?", before elbowing Kritter, and hitting the other Kremling with his cane. The Kongs then continue fighting the Kremlings by throwing barrels , and performing barrel rolls .

Donkey Kong, along with Mario and Pauline appears in several episodes of Saturday Supercade . Here, Donkey Kong is a circus escapee and is now traveling across the country, Mario and Pauline on his tail. Donkey Kong Jr. is also featured in a few episodes. On the show, Donkey Kong Jr., along with his pal Bones , travels across the globe searching for Donkey Kong.