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At the center of Ai’s film is a question for our times: Will the world step up to protect the lives of millions caught up in war and economic calamity, or will the forces of nationalism lead to closed borders? For Ai, it’s clear what we must do.

Instead, We’re here to talk about the man who replaced Milo on CPAC’s schedule , Jikido “Jay” Aeba (饗庭直道、あえば直道), a former high-level member of the extremely wacky right-wing Japanese cult religion Happy Science , who went on to found their subsidiary political party, the Happiness Realization Party, and is now working to develop a career as a kind of self-appointed ambassador between the Japanese and American right, as part of the substantial Japanese right-wing media industry. There’s a lot of threads to follow, so I’m just going to give a brief overview here and then follow up with additional posts in the near (ish) future. Let us also note that his Twitter handle, @ultraJedi , is pretty sweet.

The meal of a lifetime in Taipei, a cross-country journey across Vietnam, the perennial allure of India, and much, much more.

Just had to do a picture for my family with the "castle" in the background so we could tell friends we were in "Europe" ;-) ... 

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

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Travelogue - The Art Of ConversationTravelogue - The Art Of ConversationTravelogue - The Art Of ConversationTravelogue - The Art Of Conversation