Coverdrive trip for your brain

I hate to say it because I’m a local (albeit transplanted from the Midwest) but the Gigafactory location decision was poorly made. Reliable power supplied to the factory likely wasn’t a consideration since the early plans were to be off grid, but there’s little excuse for the other location oversights that are now big issues with the physical location. The factory is too far away from where employees live with the nearest city being 20 miles away. The majority of the labor staff making $14 an hour the math doesn’t work for what it costs them in fuel and vehicle maintenance cost to make that 40-mile round trip daily. They should have also known they were building in an area where people didn’t have tech or production backgrounds.

Best dinner on our trip. A fine dining experience without breaking the bank. We shared the fried green tomato appetizer followed by the wreck fish (chef’s special) and the tilapia. All was excellent. Only complaint was the martini could have been a more generous pour for the price.

Coverdrive Trip For Your Brain