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86. John ROBESON 4 ROBERTSON (WILLIAM3 ROBESON, PETER2, ANDREW1) was born Abt. 1775 in Virginia, and died 1853 in White Co., TN. He married (1) Rebecca LYNCH. She died 1811 in Monroe Co., VA. He married (2) Eliza <UNKNOWN> Aft. 1811.

Notes for John ROBESON ROBERTSON: Ref: John and his brother James settled in White County, Tennessee. John married a 2nd time, had a family, but they all went West, and nothing is known of them.

Notes for Rebecca LYNCH: Ref: Rebecca is sister of Katharine LYNCH {wife of John's brother Alexander C. Robeson}. Rebecca is one of triplet sisters.

Child of John ROBERTSON and Rebecca LYNCH is:
+ 140 i. Elihu 5 ROBESON, born November 12, 1811 in Monroe Co., (W)VA; died Unknown in Ooltewah, TN.

Children of John ROBERTSON and Eliza <UNKNOWN> are:
+ 141 i. Alexander C. 5 ROBINSON, born Abt. 1818 in Cookeville, White Co., TN; died Abt. 1860 in Civil War casualty.
142 ii. Elizabeth ROBERTSON, born Abt. 1819. She married unknown HENDERSON.
143 iii. Louisa ROBERTSON, born Abt. 1820. She married Samuel A. YEAGER November 29, 1846 in White Co., TN.
+ 144 iv. George . ROBINSON, born Abt. 1823 in TN; died Abt. 1862 in Osage, Carroll Co., AR.
145 v. Elvira ROBERTSON, born Abt. 1825 in White Co., TN; died May 12, 1866 in White Co., TN. She married James BOHANNON May 26, 1853 in White Co., TN; born Abt. 1821 in White Co., TN.
More About Elvira ROBERTSON: Burial: May 14, 1866, Johnson Cemetery, White or Putnam Co., TN

146 vi. William Crockett ROBERTSON, born Abt. 1826 in White Co., TN; died September 09, 1853 in White Co., TN. He married Sarah TUCKER September 09, 1853 in White Co., TN; born Abt. 1830 in White Co., TN.
+ 147 vii. James M. ROBINSON, born Abt. 1829 in White Co., TN; died in White Co., TN.
+ 148 viii. Martha Ann ROBERTSON, b. Nov 14, 1831 in White Co., TN; d. Oct 16, 1908 in Cedarville, Modoc Co., CA.
149 ix. John William ROBERTSON, born Abt. 1838 in White Co., TN. He married Lenora J. WILHITE September 11, 1856 in White Co., TN; born Abt. 1842.

89. ALEXANDER COLWELL 4 ROBESON, Rev. (WILLIAM 3 , PETER 2 , ANDREW 1 ) was born November 06, 1785 in Greenbrier (later Monroe Co.), VA, and died December 09, 1842 in McMinn Co., TN. He married KATHARINE LYNCH November 12, 1812 in Monroe Co., VA. She was born June 04, 1786 in Virginia, and died June 18, 1846 in McMinn Co., TN.

Notes for ALEXANDER COLWELL ROBESON, Rev.: Ref: 's middle name has been reported as "Caldwell" by some researchers.

Ref: C. ROBESON served in the war of 1812 as Captain of the Light Horse Cavalry. Following the war, he and family removed to Tennessee in 1815 where he purchased 500 acres of land in McMinn County. The Cherokee Indians were in that section at that time, and frequently destroyed the crops of the settlers, but owing to his invariable kindness to them, he was never molested.

He was a prominent citizen of McMinn County and was repeatedly elected magistrate; and was also one of the commissioners appointed to layout the town of Athens, Tennessee. {SOURCE: "ROBESON FAMILY" GENEALOGY BOOK - Originally published in 1916.} [Copy of book in PERSONAL LIBRARY!]

The wife of Alexander's brother John had died so Alexander took in their son Elihu and raised him as a member of his family.

Notes for KATHARINE LYNCH: Ref: Katharine is one of a set of triplet daughters of Lynch family in Virginia from which Lynchburg, Virginia was named. Her sister, Rebecca, married Rev. Robeson's brother John.

LDS IGI Record indicates variant spelling - Katherine LINCH. [SOURCE: LDS IGI Record - Batch # 8108502; Source Call # 1260859; Sheet # 23] [LDK]

+ 150 i. Rebecca Lynch 5 ROBESON, b. July 18, 1814 in Monroe Co., (W)VA; d. Nov 04, 1883 in Collin Co., TX.
+ 151 ii. Mary C. ROBESON, born Abt. 1815 in McMinn Co., TN; died 1865 in Tennessee.
+ 152 iii. Jane ROBESON, born Abt. 1817 in McMinn Co., TN; died Abt. 1885 in Tennessee.
+ 153 iv. Caroline ROBESON, born June 09, 1819 in McMinn Co., TN; died October 10, 1880.
+ 154 v. Rev. William ROBESON, Rev., born June 28, 1822 in McMinn Co., TN; died May 28, 1905 in Blountville, TN.
+ 155 vi. JAMES MADISON ROBESON , born August 28, 1824 in McMinn Co., TN; died June 17, 1893 in Texas.
+ 156 vii. Calvin Carter ROBESON, born September 27, 1827 in McMinn Co., TN; died July 23, 1885 in Decatur, Meigs Co., TN.
+ 157 viii. Hon. Alexander C. ROBESON, born May 07, 1831 in McMinn Co., TN; died 1911 in Athens, TN.

Generation No. 5

90. Catherine 5 ROBESON (Peter4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2, ANDREW1) was born December 28, 1781 in Philadelphia, PA, and died January 22, 1860. She married John MOORE, Dr. April 24, 1804, son of Mordecai MOORE and Elizabeth <unknown>. He was born April 18, 1778, and died May 22, 1836.

More About Catherine ROBESON: Burial: Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA

Child of Catherine ROBESON and John MOORE is:
158 i. Jonathan Robeson6 MOORE, born August 08, 1814 in Abington, Montgomery Co., PA; died June 02, 1899 in White Plains, NY. He married Sarah Ann LEA November 02, 1847 in Philadelphia, PA.

More About Jonathan Robeson MOORE: Burial: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

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Hamilton Bohannon Bohannon Dance Fever Greatest HitsHamilton Bohannon Bohannon Dance Fever Greatest HitsHamilton Bohannon Bohannon Dance Fever Greatest HitsHamilton Bohannon Bohannon Dance Fever Greatest Hits