Les tinglies sonic sounds from the underbelly

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A number of animals produce and use sounds in the infrasonic range. The rumbling vocalizations of elephants were measured to have frequencies as low as 14 Hz which were detectable at a range of 10 km. Observations of elephant behavior suggests that they responded to the waves through the ground before they heard them in the air - plausible since the waves would travel faster in the solid material. Whales and rhinos produce some very low frequency sounds. The flightless cassowary birds of Papua New Guinea and Australia emit low frequency calls around 23 Hz. Auroral phenomena generate infrasound by the expansion of air accompanying the electrical discharges.

The library offers a wide selection of pristine, dynamic-sampled acoustic Patches, including pop and classical pianos, fretted instruments, world instruments, and sounds from every section of the orchestra.

Toothed whales , including dolphins , can hear ultrasound and use such sounds in their navigational system ( biosonar ) to orient and capture prey. [17] Porpoises have the highest known upper hearing limit, at around 160 kHz. [18] Several types of fish can detect ultrasound. In the order Clupeiformes , members of the subfamily Alosinae ( shad ), have been shown to be able to detect sounds up to 180 kHz, while the other subfamilies (. herrings ) can hear only up to 4 kHz. [19]

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"Several movies have flirted with live singing over the years,” adds Hayes. "For example, I did a small amount of live vocal recording with Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia [2008]. Ninety-five percent of that movie was lip-sync'ed in the normal way, but there was one song that Meryl wanted to record live, because she was climbing a wall in that scene, and she felt that the pre-record she'd done three months earlier was not going to represent her facial expressions or the efforts that she was making while she was climbing. She thought that it would look false. That situation was a good example of the disconnect that can happen with miming. In addition, with normal musicals you have three- or four-minute dance routines interspersed with dialogue scenes, and you're only asking the audiences to believe miming for short periods of time. Tom felt very strongly that for a sung-through movie like Les Misérables, in which there's very little dialogue, it was taking things too far to ask audiences to watch two and a half hours of mimed performances. I also don't think that would have been believable. Recording the actors the way we did meant that they could really focus on making their feelings apparent, without having to worry about falling behind the musical tempo.”

Regardless of which pickups a guitar comes with as standard equipment, the reality is pickup configurations are fluid. Unless one’s a purist who always insists on stock gear, pickups can be switched out, single-coils and humbuckers can be paired together, additional pickups can be installed via routing, wiring and soldering. The options, given the wide variety of pickups available, are, perhaps not endless but at least extremely intriguing for the tone conscious. And they all have a profound effect on the way guitars sound.