John chantler - monoke

Monoke is ultimately an album that falls about halfway between outright pop and outright minimalism: accessible but not exactly melodic, and simple without being especially sparse. There are times when the liquid sonics don't flow as smoothly as they could. In particular, "Personal Rock" is too thin an electronic wheeze, but on balance Monoke makes a nice slice of post-millennial electronica.

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In essence Monoke is a detailed blend of melting melodies, shifting rhythms and dreamlike arrangements that form a sonic portrait of Japan. If Hiroshige Utagawa had made his Ukiyo-e prints with sound, pushing his sonic colours through a screen of distance and alienation - perhaps it might have sounded like this.

John Chantler - MonokeJohn Chantler - MonokeJohn Chantler - MonokeJohn Chantler - Monoke