K.c. accidental anthems for the could've bin pills

For Could've Bin Pill , the two upgraded their studio setup and hunkered down in a friend's living room. Rather than play all the instruments themselves (save for the trumpet work of BSS's Jimmy Shaw), they added further layers from future BSS members Justin Peroff, Emily Haines, and Jason Collett. Haines actually provides vocals in a duet with Drew on "Them (Pop Song #3333)", his very first recording as a vocalist. The additions make for a more muscular unit, one whose expanse you can hear stretch and congeal nicely across every cut. As a whole, that approach provides a listenable, clear bridge to You Forgot It in People and onward. "Instrumental Died in the Bathtub and Took the Daydreams With It" builds naturally and beautifully, its guitar and violin parts constantly on the climb. And "Silverfish Eyelashes" swaps those guitars for washed-out synths, daisy chaining them with sad-eyed string flourishes to elegant, pre-Postal Service effect. Though the improvisational feel is still present here throughout, the focus that galvanizes every second more or less belies the original, "accidental" nature from which they took their name. Full-bodied, completely immersive songs like the gauzy "Ruined in 84" don't so much capture an impromptu experiment as they capture a band at work.

On June 21, 2013, KC Accidental performed a new 15-minute song entitled "Summer Withdrawal" live at Jason Collett’s Courtyard Revue in Toronto. It was the first time the band had performed in 13 years.

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1. Nancy and the Girdle Boy
2. We Wish We Lived in Chicago
3. Anorexic He-Man
4. Save The Last Breath...
5. Kev's Message For Charlie
6. Tired Hands

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K.C. Accidental Anthems For The Could've Bin PillsK.C. Accidental Anthems For The Could've Bin PillsK.C. Accidental Anthems For The Could've Bin PillsK.C. Accidental Anthems For The Could've Bin Pills