Fancy love has called me home

I purchased this because of the good reviews and I’ve been into scents with caramel lately. At first I was kinda hesitant because I kept hearing the if you don’t get an old bottle it’s just not good. So I was super worried because well one I hate organizations telling me what should be in my perfume because we have to live in bubbles because some can have an allergy to oak moss. It’s silly like we can’t look out for ourselves and what we put on our bodies. Anyway the scent is actually really good and I have a new bottle. I batched checked it and it’s a 2017 but to me it smells like what most have described floral, then the caramel and vanilla kick. I can even smell some sandalwood when this has fully dried down. What I noticed was this takes a while to get to the caramel, vanilla,amber goodness with a touch of sandalwood.

Once it dries down the vanilla and caramel really come out and they smell so good! I love vanilla as well so this to me smells really good. So yes I’m sure the older bottles are better but going crazy looking for the darker juice is a to each his/her own thing. This is at a price point where I wouldn’t be upset with a reformulation. But my higher end fragrance you better believe on some I’ll go on the hunt. It’s what it’s worth to oneself as scent is so subjective.

It’s very nice and I love it on cold nights. I’m glad I took a risk and purchased it what irritates me is I overpaid that’s the only thing that annoys me. Otherwise I love the perfume it is great on cold NY nights. This in warm weather I couldn’t do as I feel it would be too much sweet around me. But for cold weather this is excellent. I recommend it just not for the price I paid. ;)

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This is a bubbly, musky and fresh scent with slightly powdery feeling to it which I love. The freshness comes from that citrusy layer you get after an hour or more. It´s sexy and clean, definitely unique and not that type of fragrance you can easily find at Sephora. I can compare this to two other fragrances I have in my current collection which are Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent and Cinquanta by Acqua di Colonia... if these two had a baby I guess that would be Fancy Love. This is more of a niche scent to me, the longevity and intensity are great. I am happy to add this to my precious collection!

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Fancy Love Has Called Me HomeFancy Love Has Called Me HomeFancy Love Has Called Me HomeFancy Love Has Called Me Home