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The climate of Switzerland north of the Alps is temperate but varies with altitude, wind exposure, and other factors; the average annual temperature is 9 ° c (48 ° f). The average rainfall varies from 53 cm (21 in) in the Rh ô ne Valley to 170 cm (67 in) in Lugano. Generally, the areas to the west and north of the Alps have a cool, rainy climate, with winter averages near or below freezing and summer temperatures seldom above 21 ° c (70 ° f). South of the Alps, the canton of Ticino has a warm, moist, Mediterranean climate, and frost is almost unknown. The climate of the Alps and of the Jura uplands is mostly raw, rainy, or snowy, with frost occurring above 1,830 m (6,000 ft).

The . Air Force, Customs and Border Protection Agency, public operators with a Certificate of Authorization (COA), or private commercial operators granted a Section 333 exemption may issue NOTAMs to advise pilots of their activities.

Franz Treichler - BraindanceFranz Treichler - BraindanceFranz Treichler - BraindanceFranz Treichler - Braindance