Checkmate another world

Still, he’s off the board, at least for now, and Peña, alone at the end of the episode, ruefully takes out a marker and defaces Gilberto’s picture on his big board with a red ‘x.’ If Narcos is more than a police procedural or a historical drama, it’s a fable about those who take small but meaningful victories where they can in a world seemingly destined to undermine them. Landing to a crowd of press back in Bogota, Gilberto sneers to Peña, “You’re fucking with things much bigger than you are.” Peña, knowing full well the difficult path ahead, yet relishes in responding, “Smile, Gilberto. You’re about to be on TV.” At episode’s end, ordering his assistant to hand over the wiretapped recordings of Cali money launderer Franklin Jurado and wife Christina, Peña gets ready for the next move.

The central bank of Russia is a western tool very good at manipulating russian economy. They do this with many other countries. You don’t need to occupy a country if you can crash it’s economy. A bank not controlled by your country is obviously not serving your country’s interest so why do they call it “bank of Russia”? If nationalization fails they should rename it to “another bank controlled by the west to enslave you”.

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Productive Electronics, LLC, was conceived of and founded in 1987 to serve a niche market of the surveillance products industry. Since those early days we have grown to become the Leading Supplier of Spy and Surveillance Equipment in the Industry.

Ahmed Patel can bank upon the votes of three MLAs - two of NCP and one of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar -led JD(U). But even this may be a far cry. PM Modi enjoys cordial relations with NCP supremo Sharad Pawar. He may convince the Maratha leader to direct his party MLAs to either vote for Rajpput or abstain.

Chess spread throughout the world and many variants of the game soon began taking shape. [11] Buddhist pilgrims, Silk Road traders and others carried it to the Far East where it was transformed and assimilated into a game often played on the intersection of the lines of the board rather than within the squares. [11] [12] Chaturanga reached Europe through Persia, the Byzantine empire and the expanding Arabian empire . [13] Muslims carried chess to North Africa , Sicily , and Iberia by the 10th century. [11]

Harry's head jerked back, and he looked up and up until he saw Draco's face, then he sucked in a sharp breath through his teeth, and let his head fall back down into his hands. "Go the hell away, Malfoy," he muttered through his hands.

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Checkmate Another WorldCheckmate Another WorldCheckmate Another WorldCheckmate Another World