Dry hustle - do it quite sloppily

The film cultivates some sympathy for the mayor of Camden, ., played by Jeremy Renner and fairly closely modeled on real-life mayor Angelo Errichetti, who died earlier this year, at 84. American Hustle portrays him as a man of the people ( that part is true ) who only hoped his illegal maneuvers would create jobs and prosperity in the state. That latter bit is a stretch, as Errichetti was arguably guilty of more outrageous and greedy conduct than anyone else. This did not dissuade Mel Weinberg from developing a certain fondness for the guy, as Rosenfeld does in the movie. It is a flight of Hollywood fancy, though, that Weinberg sought to give Errichetti immunity and dupe the Feds.

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The natural attractions of Machans beach is it beachfront location which is also surrounded by the Barron River which is ideal for the boaties, fishermen and fisherwomen. On Machans Beach you can throw a net in the water and catch fresh bait such as live prawns, pump for worms and lots of other wriglies for fishing. Put a Crab pot in the Barron River and see how big your catch is in the morning. There is a boat ramp in Christenson Street just beside the State School in Machans Beach which is also quite handy. Machans Beach is quite a calm shallow beach making it perfect for kayaking, catamarans and on high tides jet skiing and kite surfing.

What great ideas! I have bows on my tree but I never knew the trick of burning the edges! LOVE the dry pomegranate idea too! But Christmas is two weeks away so I guess I will have to do this next year. Great post!

One day many years ago, my friend Ann told me she had scheduled an appointment with a surgeon to discuss whether to undergo a hip replacement. She and her doctor would be evaluating the results…

If you do need to move your dose outside the basket’s prefered range, it’s not the end of the world. But your espresso quality may likely suffer.

If you just so happened to not make a perfect seal on the sticks and some cheese oozes out… well, that’s just fine.

Update: I prefer my tobacco tinned, even though it is more cost effective to purchase bulk. I like knowing that everything is perfect and undisturbed in that tin until I open it, and that specifically includes proper moisture content. But it seems everyone is out of FVF so I resorted to ordering in bulk, specifically the original 500g box that comes direct from Samuel Gawith. I was expecting to be a little disappointed, but I was surprised instead. The flakes arrived completely sealed and with perfect moisture content. And for those upset about "quality control" when broken flakes are found in their tins (I fail to grasp the import) a 500g box is a thing of beauty to open. The box is specifically designed to hold flakes, there must be a million flakes in a 500g box, and (in my box at least) every flake was perfect and intact, all neatly aligned, row upon row, of delicious fragrant flakes.

Dry Hustle - Do It Quite SloppilyDry Hustle - Do It Quite SloppilyDry Hustle - Do It Quite SloppilyDry Hustle - Do It Quite Sloppily