Cocteau twins - evangeline

Kris and Dolph,
Part 1

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So, like a compilation of songs from various records, this chronological series of articles is intended to give the reader some insight and perspective on Cocteau Twins, and document the span of their remarkable career together. Readers can look forward to a book-format biography of Cocteau Twins, written by fan extraordinaire Leesa Beales, which is due sometime in the near future. Visit for more details and the latest news on that.

He was vice-chairman of the board at the Association of Independent Music in 2013, and speaks regularly around the world about his experiences in the industry over the last 30 years. He recently did a weekend workshop with music students at QUT in Brisbane , and has also done master classes at the Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO in Oklahoma City as well as at Middlesex University , and at BIMM , and has been the keynote speaker at Big Sound in Australia, Going Global in New Zealand and Norwich 's Sound & Vision (where he was interviewed by John Robb ).

 · They emerged fully formed from the post-punk shadows and developed a sound that would become the gold standard for enigmatic, ethereal indie-pop. Here are ...

Buckley’s life came to a sudden end in the middle of 1975, when he died of a heroin overdose just after completing a tour. Those close to him insist that he had been clean for some time and lament the loss of an artist who, despite some recent failures, still had much to offer. Buckley’s stock began to rise among the rock underground after the Cocteau Twins covered his “Song for the Siren” in the 1980s. The posthumous releases of two late-’60s live sets ( Dream Letter and Live at the Troubadour 1969 ) in the early ’90s also boosted his profile, as well as unveiling some interesting previously unreleased compositions. His son Jeff Buckley went on to mount a musical career as well before his own tragic death in 1997.

Sounds critic Helen Fitzgerald wrote, "The fact of the matter is that the album is bloody good. A fluid frieze of wispy images made all the more haunting by Elizabeth's distilled vocal maturity, fluctuating from a brittle fragility to a voluble dexterity with full range and power". [8]

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Cocteau Twins - EvangelineCocteau Twins - EvangelineCocteau Twins - EvangelineCocteau Twins - Evangeline