Accelera deck - flood fold & flare

 · Heat-Pump Water Heaters Come of Age Now that pilot studies show that installed heat-pump water heaters are performing fairly well, it might be time to buy one

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While a unit’s EF must be measured in a laboratory, researchers can calculate a water heater’s coefficient of performance ( COP Energy-efficiency measurement of heating, cooling, and refrigeration appliances. COP is the ratio of useful energy output (heating or cooling) to the amount of energy put in, ., a heat pump with a COP of 10 puts out 10 times more energy than it uses. A higher COP indicates a more efficient device . COP is equal to the energy efficiency ratio (EER) divided by . ) in any location where the unit is installed, as long as the proper monitoring equipment is in place. While the EF of an appliance is fixed, the COP of an installed water heater will vary, depending on the ambient temperature of the room where it is installed and the water use habits of the family using the water heater.

Accelera Deck - Flood Fold & FlareAccelera Deck - Flood Fold & Flare