The bronx wet like the rain

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n Leave the cream on for less than the lowest recommended amount of time. “If you leave this on too long, almost everyone will see irritation,” said Engelman.

We waited in the snow as the explorers descended below, along with a videographer and a New York Times reporter. The men climbed over a wall and lowered themselves into a freezing stream flowing into a culvert. They vanished. They would have to walk 30 or 40 blocks, with their waders on, to a climb out of the previously scouted manhole on the residential street in the Bronx where we would be waiting. A colleague of Duncan’s patrolled with us.

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SUMMER SHORELINES: Skinny-Dipping Sessions; Articles in this series are exploring how people in the New York City area interact with water and waterways during the summer.

The Bronx Wet Like The RainThe Bronx Wet Like The RainThe Bronx Wet Like The RainThe Bronx Wet Like The Rain