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Keeping up my bi-yearly blogging cadence, I thought it might be fun to write about what I’ve been doing since I left Mozilla. It’s also a convenient time, as it ...

I usually coach Project Managers to start with the fact that Projects are there to reduce risk; they are there to increase the certainty of delivering something for their customer.

The basic idea of the API is however that everything is as Rust-y as possible. Which might not be too much due to having to map subtyping, virtual methods and the like to something reasonable in Rust, but I believe it’s nice to use now. You basically only have to implement one or more traits on your structs, and that’s it. There’s still quite some boilerplate required, but it’s far less than what would be required in C. The best example at this point might be the audioecho element.

This nod to paradise lost was one of Boyle’s boldest strokes, illustrating that Brit patriotism has an infinitely greater variety of shadings than the rah-rah American equivalent.

Various Planet LondonVarious Planet LondonVarious Planet LondonVarious Planet London