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In November 2013, Baloche won a GMA Canada Covenant Award for International Album of the Year for "Glorieux", a French language worship album. [28]

Even though Season 7 was beset with the Castle disappearance issue, it actually had a great season finale, which would have been a wonderful capper to the series, particularly a scene where Beckett had a pivotal encounter with a panel to determine whether she would ascend to the rank of captain. Beckett endured some unexpected verbal abuse from the panel, who secretly had the agenda of gauging her response because they favored her to run for political office. Her reply of how she had handled her job over the course of seven years and her relationship with Castle, both as his muse and his wife was stirring. Castle had his own moving scene when, during an award dinner where was receiving a prestigious writer’s award, he lauded his time with the NYPD, and especially the difference that Beckett had made in his life – again, both as muse and wife. Penned by Marlowe, it would have been the perfect series finale. Instead, we’ve gotten a Season 8 with the LokSat morass that is looking less and less like the show that fans have enjoyed. The story spurred the wider separation of the characters, pissed off the fans and almost certainly was going to lead to Beckett’s demise. Hell, last week, before the cancellation was revealed, the preview of the series finale was a virtual video eulogy to Beckett as she and Castle made their last stand against the minions of LokSat.

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Requiem - Virtual LoveRequiem - Virtual LoveRequiem - Virtual LoveRequiem - Virtual Love