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2018: To be confirmed
( 2016:   Artist-run Centre MUU , director Timo Soppela, Helsinki)
(2017:  Susann Wintsch , Independent Curator, Zurich)

2018: to be confirmed in Autumn 2018


Provides access to all regular paying programs from Friday, August 25 to Sunday, August 27 inclusive, which means: all nocturne programs (at SAT and/or Métropolis) + all A/VISIONS programs on those days (at Monument-National).  Please note:  After the purchase you will need to provide a photo of yourself to festival organisers to complete your purchase. E-mail address where to send your photo will be shown on your voucher. 

Image used for illustrative purpose. People dance during Dead Sea Rave -424, an international electronic music festival at the foot of Masada mountain, along the shores of the Dead Sea, October 24, 2014.

Established in 2011 and headquartered in Basel, White Frame is an non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of Swiss media arts.

Metropolis: the main evening-event keeps its promises… Over 7 years, the Metropolis event has become an undeniable peak of the Festival. This year, it’s with a supercharged ambience and an eclectic program that the evening-happening ( NOCTURNE 4 ) unfolds on Saturday, June 3rd. Accordingly, there will be ample opportunity to be amazed by the original, striking performances by caustic French duo Nôze, who harmoniously blend electronic and acoustic, and by quintet Los Hermanos (USA), with their reworking of salsa/techno drawn from the repertoire of mythical Detroit record label Underground Resistance. The night will also serve as an occasion for the public to witness a return to Montreal
(after a 5-year absence) of one the Festival’s favourite artists: Thomas Brinkman (Germany). Montreal producer Mossa (Canada) will also take part in the procession-a crowning moment for the artist who’s just released a remarkable new record on French label Circus Company. Among these four presentations, the night will definitely contain some surprises for the privileged crowd gathered at Metropolis on that special evening…

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