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John is an entertainment marketing reporter at The Drum. He writes about the amazing marketing stories coming from the movie, TV, music and video game industries. He's also the hunt for the weirder trends in marketing and advertising.

The Suit – described by Lydon as being about "people of low origins trying to be posh" – is one of Levene's least favourite tracks. [17] Levene said, "It was never one of my favourite pieces because of what it was really about. [...] There was this guy that was an old mate of John's who lived in this apartment. At some point John decided he hated his guts. He just wrote this really nasty, finger-pointing, over-exaggerated, ripping parody of what the guy was – 'Society boy.' [...] This guy, [fashion designer] Kenny MacDonald, made his suit and all of ours and it made him look good to have the guys from PiL wearing his stuff. We'd wear it wrong and it looked even better, we didn't want the black leather jacket look like these punk bands. So John just decided to hate this guy, that's what happens and there's nothing you can do. He wouldn't be his lapdog and John thought he was a star and wanted that." [9] Wobble played and recorded the backing track of drums and piano for "The Suit" at Gooseberry Studios with Mark Lusardi, which started out as a cover of " Blueberry Hill ". [14] He brought the backing track to the band at The Manor, to which Lydon "freaked out when he heard that... He was galvanised into action and within a few hours 'The Suit' existed." [14]

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Hi I just bought this grizzly 10" drum sander from craigslist , I was wondering if you could send me a test pattern so I could use it cut my sandpaper roll , if you could send a paper Copy so I can use it as a cut patteren . Michelle West 2380 Long Lake Rd New Brighton MN 55112

With their creative forces combined, BT and iZotope bring you an instrument that will change the concept of rhythm, beat and drum programming as you know it. A prodigious producer, technologist, and GRAMMY®-nominated composer, BT is renowned for inventing the "stutter edit" as a musical technique, as found in Stutter Edit, the first product release from BT and iZotope.

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06″ Diameter Drum
28” / 48” Belt Widths
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Drum Machine RollingDrum Machine RollingDrum Machine RollingDrum Machine Rolling