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But beyond that terrifying holding action, the intrigues and adventures of the Human Sphere spin on. Space pirates cruise through the shattered planetoids of Human Edge. Scientist adventurers delve the oceans of Varuna. Merchant guilds scheme amidst the scourging sands of Bourak. From Yutang, the Emperor gazes forth from an uneasy throne. Titanic war machines stride across the icy plains of Svalarheima. Byzantine hypercorps struggle for dominance amidst the chrome towers of Neoterra.

So, in grad school I used a laser to cut acrylic all the time, and it worked great. Now I don't have a laser so that wasn't an option, and I really wanted to use the 9" mirror instead of going with 6" and buying a pre-cut 6" acrylic circle. That meant I had to cut my own acrylic. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to this forum thread with ideas.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION BEFORE CONTINUING : If you're using a laser, acrylic fumes aren't good for you. If you're cutting/sawing/sanding/whatever-ing it, you don't want to inhale the dust either. Be sure to work in a properly ventilated area and wear an appropriate mask if necessary.

So, with the jigsaw: I traced the outline of the 9" mirror onto the acrylic's paper backing. Then I used two C-clamps to hold it onto the edge of a table, and just roughly cut off the corners to make an octagon. Then I went in for successively smaller cuts following the line. The end result wasn't too bad - some cracking around the edges, but no catastrophic breaks that ruined the circular shape.

Some safety notes - first I tried this with a wood blade, which didn't work at all and resulted in some large, jagged pieces of acrylic snapping off when the blade snagged. Got a finer-toothed metal blade at the hardware store and that worked much better. The edges were still quite sharp so I just hand-sanded them to avoid cuts. As usual with power tools, I'd recommend safety glasses for this step.

Following a delay, the PC version of Disney Infinity was released on November 14 , 2013 . This version is available free of charge, and can be downloaded from the official Disney Infinity website. This version originally contained only the game's Toy Box mode, similar to the iPad version. However, a patch was released on February 28 , 2014 that added in all six Play Sets, putting it on par with the console versions. [10] The game features several changes from the console version, however. The game does not support the Infinity Base. Instead, characters are unlocked either by purchasing them from the Disney Infinity website (at a discounted rate, due to the lack of a physical figurine) or by redeeming a web code card included with the physical figurines. Since Power Discs do not come with web codes, they must be purchased from the PC Shop. The game also does not support multiplayer, though players can link up with the console version to share Toy Boxes between the two versions. [11] [12]

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Digital Heat InfinityDigital Heat InfinityDigital Heat InfinityDigital Heat Infinity