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The Invincible Iron Man is the third film in the series and is based on the classic Marvel Universe version by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. [27] The film was produced by Starburst Entertainment and was released on January 23, 2007. [10] Marc Worden returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man from the Ultimate Avengers films. [4] In The Invincible Iron Man , Tony Stark, billionaire manufacturer, finds a lost Chinese city where he accidentally unleashes an evil powerful force. Stark creates his armor to become Iron Man to defeat the evil. [29]

Crimson... A pair of crimson eyes is seen through the destroyed landscape. Naruto himself didn't know how he ended up here. But what he is seeing he didn't like one bit. Because, he is looking at himself. Well not actually himself but his future self. A black aura of destruction enveloped his future self. His eyes is a pair of blazing EMS, that is spinning wildly. Also a golden ribcage surround him protecting him from any harm. And he could see that his future self is standing in a huge crater. The sight suddenly zoomed out a bit and Naruto could see the other six figures outside the crater. He didn't need much time to recognize them as Yondai Maou. All four are panting and have tattered clothes. The other two, he also recognized. One is trying to snap the other out from her trance, it seems. Because, the other is kneeling, with her eyes widened in shock and disbelief. Looking closely, you could see the tearstain on her slightly puffy cheeks. That means she cried not long ago. Naruto could only looked at the kneeling figure in guilt. It had been a while since he saw her, but she still remained the same. Same crimson hair, same emerald orbs. Yes, the person that kneeling at the ground is none other than his master, to be exactly his former master, Rias Gremory. It seems that something happen in the future and he lost the restrain of his emotion, that he thought was discarded to protect his sanity. "Does that mean that this outcome is inevitable?" Naruto clutch his fist tightly, looking down from his position at the future scene bellow him. "What is the point of holding myself back if the tragedy won't be able to avoid?" The pseudo-God opened both of his palms, raised them up and looked at them. "I will destroy the world... The Maou were there, but even so they couldn't handle my berserk self with full power" He looked down at the scene one more time and saw that something else is happening to his future self. With a mighty roar, the berserk future Naruto raised Kokuten to the sky. With a dark glow, dark armor with green lines enveloped his body. A unique helmet with two-horns appeared on his head. Naruto could feel how much power the transformation had given him. He guessed that this maybe the Balance Breaker form of Kokuten. He could also see that everyone else, except his future self was forced to kneeled down from the aura emanated from the black armor. He could only bit his teeth helplessly, seeing Rias wailed and begged for him to stop. Recalling the fortuneteller foresaw his future, Naruto deduced something. "So that is why I will be killed by Two Heavenly Dragons, eh? They killed me to stop me destroying the world" However something is not alright in this picture. "Wait a minute! When the seer foretold my future, she mentioned me wearing a white armor... That means there must be more development in this event!" Suddenly his future self was surrounding by a black sphere. The silence lasted for some minutes, until the black sphere explode. Naruto only managed to see two huge black wings before he was blast away.

Real world As if being electrocute all of a sudden, Naruto bolted up from his bed. He touched his forehead and noticed it sweat badly. He panted a bit then looked at the other side of his bed and saw Grayfia is sleeping peacefully. Before that, she is snuggling at his side, so feeling that she lost that warm, subconsciously she frowned and began to snuggle closer to his side. Naruto smiled slightly and removed a flock of hair from her face. Currently, he and Grayfia are residing at the lounge of Rossweisse grandma. She is a pretty strict and overprotective geezer by the way. When Rossweisse first led them here, she immediately demanded what kind of relationship he and the Valkyrie were in. It took him a while to explain to the geezer that he didn't plan to take advantage of Rossweisse just because she was such pure and naive maiden. However that was two weeks ago, Naruto is waiting for Thor's return in order to evolve himself. Thor is not known for the heir to the throne of Asgard for nothing. The battle will be difficult, no to be exactly it will be the battle for survival. Despite it will be just a way to become stronger, as a battle freak, Naruto knew that Thor, like him will go all out. He is confident in his abilities, however can Thor's power exceed his expectations? Thinking back to the nightmare, Naruto shook his head. "I refuse to believe in such future. No matter what, I must prevent that from happening at any cost. Recently, I've become too emotional. It must be a sign of my emotions trying to resurface" With a deep sigh, he added. "Even if it will hurt Grayfia emotionally, I must revert back to the way I've been. Ice-cube man" Naruto looked back at the still peacefully napping Grayfia. She will not like it at all. Absolutely. Next morning Grayfia groggily blinking her eyes and opened them slowly. Putting her palm at the empty space next to her, she noticed that Naruto had woken up. She frowned, feeling the lack of the warmth of his body. It's a habit that Grayfia had taken not long ago. She enjoyed Naruto's scent and the heat of his body very much. They hadn't moved to 'that' stage. Grayfia knew of the problem with his emotions, so she didn't push him. She decided to let things flow naturally. When that time come, than it will come. Until then, she will accompany him and help as much as she can. She smelled a very tasty smell coming from the room outside. Closing her eyes, she inhale this tasty aroma in her nostrils. She opened her eyes when she heard a voice. "I see you've woken up, Grayfia" It was Naruto, who is standing at the entrance of her room. He has an neutral face and is holding a plate of toast with scramble egg and some piece of bacons. Grayfia felt some kind of unusual feeling coming from her blond crush. Little emotions, that she succeeds in making the surface had disappeared now. It's like he revert back to his former self, the one she saw when he defeated Kokabiel. And she didn't like it one bit. She prefer his small but gentle smile. Not this near-robot unfeeling...thing. Naruto noticed her expression and decided to ask. "Is something wrong? Did you not not sleep well?" Even if he asked these questions, Grayfia felt non-warmth in them. "What happen to you, Naruto?" Grayfia demanded with narrowed eyes. "What do you mean?" Naruto blinked questionably. "I am perfectly fine" Grayfia narrowed her eyes further, but then decided to let go. She will investigate this matter later. Naruto is too stubborn to admit anything. Naruto approached the maid and put the plate on the cover at her lap. "Here. I decide to bring the breakfast to you in the bed. Enjoy it! I will go outside for a bit" With that, Naruto turned and walked away. Grayfia suspiciously looking at the blond's back, then when he was out of her sight, decided to eat her breakfast. "Something must have happened. He didn't know this, but I am aware that he had a nightmare yesterday. Whatever nightmare it was, it certainly didn't do well for him" Grayfia guessed with narrowed eyes while chewing her toast. With Naruto After walking out from the lounge at some distance, Naruto stopped and sighed. Grayfia's mood was ruined in the morning, just as she woke up. Obviously, because of his new or old attitude. Even knowing that this might caused some problems in their relationship, he had to do this. Because the consequence will be disastrous if he let his emotions resurface. The dream was not a mere dream, but the warning to what will happen in the future. He had forgot one thing since he began to travel with Grayfia. He forgot that the price of being Ultimate is his emotions. Either keep them at bay or become a raging beast that will destroy the world. The choice is obvious. He was so deep in his thought, that he didn't noticed the approaching Rossweisse. "Naruto-san? What are you doing here?" The blond snapped out of his thought and turned to the Valkyrie. "Oh, Rossweisse-san, you come here as well? I just decided to take a breath of fresh air" Rossweisse felt that Naruto is different that he was before. She stared at him
with appraising glance. Feeling her staring a bit long, he exclaimed. "What?" "You are different, Naruto-san. I don't know what is the reason, but you've changed over a night" Rossweisse pointed out. "You are just imagining. I am still the same" denied Naruto with neutral look. "No! You may not feel it, but you really've changed, Naruto-san!" retort Rossweise hotly. "When I was talking to you before I felt that you are a bit distant, but I still felt some kind of emotions coming from you. Right now though, I feel nothing! It's like the one is standing before me is not human, but some kind of robot! Why did you change?! Tell me!" Naruto sighed, looking at the gray-head with mundane look and replied coldly. "Stop imagine things. And even if it really is true. That is still none of your concern!" That was harsh and cold, yeah. However with his emotions trying to resurface again, he must keep them at bay at any cost. The statement before had made him nothing but a bastard, jerk. Still he will bare it. Rossweisse gasped at his harsh and cruel reply. Her eyes began to tear up and ran away, shouting. "Go ahead and die! Like I will care for you anymore, jerk!" "Jerk, huh?" muttered Naruto at the back of running away Rossweisse. He had pushed away one more friend. How long could he keep doing that? But even if he tell them about his problem, they will still be helpless. "Is it even worth suffering alone like this? I see now. Ultimate's power is more of a curse than a blessing" That moment he felt a huge energy coming to Asgard. His mouth instinctively twitches to a smirk. "Finally, he is here. The most powerful God of Asgard has returned!" Yes, the heir to the throne of Asgard, the God of thunder, Thor Odinson, has returned. With Thor When he arrived at Asgard, Thor immediately felt a powerful energy coming from Rossweisse's lounge. The energy felt familiar to him because something like that he had felt before. It was back then when he was informed that Metatron decided to get rid of the fake God. Thor couldn't help but grinned feral. He must fight this person. Of course, he was told by many that he is a battle maniac, however he couldn't get rid of that. It was his nature after all. Aiming to be the strongest and fight strong opponents. But, first, he must visit his father and report back to him. He had successfully gain an alliance with Muspelheim. Strange, that someone with his temper manage to gain an alliance. Being the strongest being in Asgard, Thor became bored and thinking about visiting other mythology Gods to fight them. No, he didn't want to cause wars, just a spar. Though 'spar' in Thor's mind, meant at least some broken bones and a destroyed landscape. Scene change
Odin's Castle
Throne room When Thor stepped in the throne room, immediately the others bowed their head down respectfully. "I see you've return, my son!" Odin greeted his son that is his pride and joy. Thor smiled back at his father and kneeled down respectfully. "Yes, I've returned, old man. Before you ask, everything is ok. Now Muspelheim is our ally. Though, I'd like to know something". A wide smirk appeared on the mouth of God of thunder. Odin knew what his son wants. He couldn't help but see some similarity between Naruto and Odin. Both are blond and both are battle maniac. About the stubbornness, he is not sure, but he knew that their stubbornness is on the whole different level than other people. "You want to know, who are our guests, right?" Thor didn't reply, but merely widen his smirk. Odin noticed the distortion in the space in the shape of a spiral and smirked back while replied. "Well, in that case why don't you just turn back and ask the person behind, eh?" Thor turned back and saw a blond hair guy with fold hands behind him. A spiral behind him slowly disappeared. Thor widen his grin, feeling it was the same energy that he seek. "Well, well, who do we have here?" Naruto looked at the very muscular man with long blond hair and gray eyes. he felt a very powerful energy coming from this man. His power level maybe equal Sirzechs-sama. This man is a monster that he can say for sure. "I am Naruto. Nice to meet you, Thor-sama. You are as powerful as the rumor claimed" Naruto greeted the powerful God and bowed his head respectfully. Thor widened his smirk and and offered his hand for the blond to shake. "Hard to believe that such powerful energy coming from a brat like you" "To be praised by the strongest man in Asgard, I found that a great honor" Naruto replied back and shook his hand. The handshake that Thor offered was pretty strong. He deliberately put the pressure in the handshake to test Naruto's physical power. Despite not looking too muscular, Naruto proved to be pretty strong. After a while, Thor released the handshake and grinned. "Not bad, brat" Naruto smirked back looking at Thor's eyes. 'So that was a test of my strength, eh? I would say in terms of power this is the strongest person I've faced' Odin looked at his son and the Ultimate curiously. What will happen when these two clash, he doesn't want to know. That moment the gate to the throne room, opened once again. Two figures walked inside. They are none other than Grayfia Lucifuge and Rossweisse. "See, Grayfia-san! I told you he will be here!" exclaimed Rossweisse looking at the maid with a grin. Grayfia keep silent but looked expressionlessly at her blond companion. "You could at least leave a message behind, Naruto" Naruto turned his head aside. He knew that what he is doing now make him a real asshole. But he is ashamed to look in her eyes now. After acting like a jerk the whole morning, a mere apology is not enough. Seeing the tension between the two, Thor decided to interject. He turned to Naruto and asked. "What did you come here for, brat? I doubt it's just to greet me, right?" Naruto closed his eyes and smirked. "You are certainly perceptive, Thor-sama. I, indeed, didn't come here just to see you" The pseudo-God raised his power up enough for Thor to understand his intention. "I think 'this' is enough to tell you what I want, right?" Naruto has his eyes widened with a grin full of battle lust. On the side, Rossweisse began to sweat nervously. It's no wonder though. After all nobody dared to challenge Thor when they saw his strength, first hand, on the battle in Niflheim. She couldn't believe her own eyes, when she saw Thor alone began to thrash the entire army of Nifl-elf. The inhabitants of Niflheim were far from weaklings. They were very skilled in magic and technologies. However Thor strength was just beyond their imagination and they were defeated in one day. So seeing someone else dared to challenge the mighty God, is a shocking matter to her. Grayfia looked at Naruto stoically analyzing his expression. She knew that once Thor will return from his trip, Naruto will challenge him. But sensing his power this very moment make her want to stop the blond from challenging the mighty God. She is scared for his life. Despite him acting like a jerk not long ago, she worries for him, because she knew that he must have some reasons to act like that. And being as stubborn and hard like a rock, Naruto won't tell her the reason, unless he wants to tell her directly. Thor widens his smirk and also raises his power. His body slowly emanates some electric spark. "Yeah, I understand perfectly what you want, brat. However I have a habit to fight seriously in a fight. So if you somehow end up dead... Then don't blame me!" Thor looked down at the shorter blond with a chilling grin. The others, except Grayfia, are already shaking in fright from the aura released by God of
Thunder. Naruto merely smirked and replied. "Don't worry, I know my fate. And it won't be by your hand!" Grayfia immediately narrowed her eyes. Since when did Naruto start talking about fate? Suspicious. Very suspicious. "Ho?" Thor raised his left eyebrow in amusement. Maybe this brat will give him a worthy challenge. After all it's been so long, that he could spar with someone, without killing them by accident. "Then come to a place called Valley of The Strongest. I will be waiting you there!" said Thor and with a flash of thunder he disappeared in front if everyone eyes. "Valley of The Strongest, eh?" muttered Naruto quietly. "A surprisingly suitable place for this battle" The blond was about to Kamui away, before Grayfia's voice behind was heard "How long are you gonna ignore me, Naruto? You know, you can't keep doing this forever, right? One day, you will explain everything to me. I am stubborn woman, you know. I will stick together with you whether you like it or not" After hearing her claim, Naruto used Kamui and teleport away to the rendezvous location. His hair shadowed his eyes, so you can't see his expression. Just after Naruto depart, Rossweisse ran to Grayfia. "What the heck is wrong with Naruto-san! He is not himself and act like a total jerk!" "He has reasons" Grayfia stated simply. Strange that she is still defending the blond after his antics. Odin decided to call out both girls so that they could observe the fight through the screen, that he is about to manifest. "Both of you may want to come here. I will manifest a screen to observe their fight. Perhaps, I may as well record it. After all, there may never or will be till someone might challenge Thor again. Guahahaha!" Both girls looked at All-father sweat dropping. But they still approach him and waiting for the God to manifest his screen. Being a pervert he is, Odin couldn't help but want to grope those shapely rear of these two gorgeous women. His attempt failed horribly when Grayfia looked at him with a chilling gaze and Rossweisse blushed in embarrassment and smacked him with a fan, that she took out from who knows where. Odin grinned nervously and decided to manifest the screen with his magic to avoid the wrath of both women.

Valley of The Strongest Valley of The Strongest is the place full of mountains and many forest. This is a special place where Thor often train and rest. Thor had found this place when he was younger and since then decided to make this place his own. Also this place is hard to find, because it is not located at the open place. However to people that could sense others energy could easily find this place. Thor is standing at a huge field between two mountains. He has his hands crossed and his eyes closed, waiting for the appearance of his opponent. Sensing a presence slowly appeared opposite of him, he snapped his eyes open and indeed Naruto is standing there. The spiral, that distort the space caused by Kamui slowly vanish. "You are here" muttered Thor with an excite grin. "Yes, I am. Did you really think that I would run away from the challenge?" Naruto asked back, cocking his head aside. Thor shrugged and replied. "That just prove you are one crazy bastard, brat" "Who is crazier, we will see in this fight" Naruto looked at Thor hand and found something is missing. "By the way, where is your hammer, Mjölnir, that you are so proud of?" Thor scoffed and challenged the blond. "You really think that I would need to use Mjölnir against you? If you are, then force me to summon it" Naruto grin widely with his eyes widen, accepting his challenge. "Alright!" With that, he began to power up and a black aura of power began to emanate from him. The land beneath him began to rumble a bit, small stones float up. Naruto activated his Sharingan and stared at his opponent. Thor felt amused, but excite. The brat's power is high enough to make him feel uneasy. However, it's time for him to step up the game too. "Not bad. Now, it's my turn!" Thor starts to charge up which cause the land beneath him to shake as well. Furthermore, the sky began to darken and sparks of lightning began to crack on the sky. His body itself began to emanate electric aura. Finally, the battle of the strongest has begun. A/N: Next chapter is the start of Naruto and Thor clash. There not much to add as the chapter will show the fight and spectators.

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