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How do I cut wool into strips for hooking?
The wool is usually cut on a cutter which can be purchased with your choice of standard cutter width blades. The blades are numbered from #3 which is 3/32″ wide to the widest #8 which is 1/4″ (8/32) wide. More primitive rugs are hooked with a #8 cut while more realistic rugs with fine detail often use a #3 or #4 cut.  The width of the wool strips you use is a personal preference. You can purchase extra blades for the different widths strips that you want to cut.  Some people prefer to use scissors because they like the primitive results.

Get ready for Repeater? There is no getting ready! Just dive straight in and explore the controls and features, which are tailor-made for people that just want to rock straight outta the box.

We are proud to be participants in Public Health’s new project that puts a personal face on the important work the Health Unit does in within our community:

The Gentleman's Edition adds several features such as support for equal loudness workflows, frequency dependent ratio and more.

The Gentleman's Edition offers additional bands, deeper control over dynamics, equal loudness functions, smart actions and more.

Harvard Business Review called data science “the sexiest career of the 21st century.” But what if you’re not ready for the cover of a romance novel? This overview of the data language R with fun samples and use cases will get developers of any background up to speed.

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Studio Nova Simple IntentionsStudio Nova Simple IntentionsStudio Nova Simple IntentionsStudio Nova Simple Intentions