Various jungle massive 4 v's the hardsteppers dj sampler - vol 4

Through the tour Mars and his band mates used Sennheiser microphones, with the former relying on the Sennheiser SKM 5200-II wireless transmitter and MD 5235 capsule. [8] James Berry, monitor engineer for Bruno Mars, remembered "When I took on the Bruno Mars gig over two to half a year ago ( The Doo-Wops & Hooligans Tour ), he and the background singers were using a competitor's model. I just knew there was a better microphone and capsule combination for him". [8] Over the time, every vocalist on the band changed the microphones they used, it all started with the background singers, followed by "the front-of-house guy" and finally Bruno Mars. [8] The same brand of equipment was used for the wireless audio during the tour. Derek Brener, in charge of Wireless Touring Rig, is the front of house engineer for three to half a year ago. [8]

Singapore Zoo has been known to have among the most beautiful settings in the world, where animals roam freely in open and natural habitats. Watch this video and discover the highlights of Singapore Zoo.

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Crazy Eddie
Crazy Eddie was a retail store chain run by the Antar family, which began operations as a private company in the 1960s. The fraud at Crazy Eddie was one of the longest running in modern times, lasting from 1969 to 1987.


If you were to cut a palm seed in half, it would show you the various layers to the seed as described above.  You would see the thin outer epicarp and just inside this the fruity layer of mesocarp.  If it were a clean seed, you'd only see the endocarp (outer layer of the cleaned seed) and the inner endosperm.  You may also see the small embryo embedded within the endocarp.

Endocarp is usually described as being of two types:  homogenous and ruminate.  Homogenous endocarp is more uniform in appearance.  It is usually white and looks like coconut meat.  Ruminate endocarp looks like ice cream with swirls of color mixed in.  The reason I mention this is because taxonomists use these types to distinguish different species of palm seeds. 

The appearance of the endocarp is critical.  Old or nonviable seeds may have discolored endocarp.  The inside of rotting seeds may be dark, black, powdery, dried out or display frankrot.  Bad seeds often float in in water.   This is because bad seeds usually have a hollow cavity in the side making it buoyant .  One comes across such seeds by picking up old seeds off the ground and purchasing seeds that have been stored too long.  This is why freshly collected seeds off the flower have proven to be the best quality seeds. 

Things to check for to judge quality of seeds include:
1.  Weight in the hand:  If a seed feels very light and has no weight for its size, it probably is not good.
2.  Fresh and youthful appearance overall.  Old seeds look faded and dry
3.  Cut open a representative seed.  The endocarp should be white and meaty.  You should never see a large cavity within the seed.
4.  Float test the seeds.  Viable and high quality seeds almost always sink in waterr .

Photos below show the inside of palm seeds.

If the player(s) choose the river, Ben and Norah ride a canoe down the river, attacked by poisonous tree frogs . At one point, they lose their guns in the river and have to use oars to defend themselves. Eventually, they retrieve their guns, and have to fight a giant mutant bullfrog. Upon killing the frog, they find a radio that tells anyone listening about a nearby village where they can escape via helicopter.

Just short of the ZPD, the pair encounters Bellwether who insists she takes the evidence. Realizing she is the mastermind of the conspiracy, Judy and Nick try to flee but are knocked into a pit by her henchrams. Bellwether shoots a serum pellet from the evidence case at Nick and frames a call for help to the ZPD. Nick seemingly becomes savage and corners Judy, but it turns out the pair was acting in order to trick Bellwether into openly admitting her prey-supremacist scheme to take over Zootopia and rid it of all predators, and that they replaced the dart gun ammo with blueberries from the Hopps' farm. With Bellwether's monologue recorded on Judy's carrot pen, Chief Bogo and the ZPD arrive and arrest her and her henchrams. Upon being informed and interviewed on the matter, Lionheart denies any knowledge of Bellwether's plot, but admits to have illegally imprisoned the savage predators, claiming it to have been done for the "right reasons".

The boat's skipper will typically by this point have begun talking with the passengers. The spiel that skippers have laid out for them when they are trained to work the ride has varied several times over the years. There is the original 1971 version that adhered closely to the 1960s Disneyland model, then some minor modifications that led to the 1991 version, which has itself seen some minor adjustments leading to the current version, give or take the truth. The tone has remained just slightly offbeat on paper even though the focus veered toward environmentalism in the later edits.  Its effect is governed almost exclusively by your skipper's delivery. There are detailed accounts of the spiel itself to be found elsewhere online, so it isn't covered here except in passing. Suffice it to say that a skipper with an aptitude for using the 'script' as clay for their own creation can make for a very entertaining trip.  An opportunity for gauging how well things will go comes as the boats depart civilization and venture into the heart of the Amazonian rain forest. Then skippers - free from an audience of co-workers - set the tone for the rest of the ride with something of relative substance around them on which to discourse.  They can stick to the script and comment on the fact that everything in the Amazon, such as the butterflies, grows larger than life, or they could elaborate with a warning that the butterflies are capable of flapping a human to death in ten seconds.  Or they may abandon all predictability and ad-lib the whole thing in a minimalist fashion ... uttering a few barely audible lines when it suits them and then staring at you silently for a short eternity.  If your skipper can make you a little uneasy, respect that.

The first minute's worth of ride time in WDW's version of the Jungle Cruise is a triumph of staging that takes guests seamlessly from the promise of the half-civilized dock area to untamed realms of nature.  The Amazon environment was unique to Florida prior to Tokyo Disneyland's 1983 opening, and Tokyo Disneyland's Amazon leg is abbreviated by half. WDW's Amazon was originally covered by a man-made armature that allowed the live plant material - as well as synthetic supplements - to form a dense green canopy over the winding river.  Mist fell gently from the overhead growth, combining with some of Disney's typically phenomenal audio augmentation (in this instance an instrumental loop of Debussy-esque flute warbles) to create a beautiful and subdued sense of the unknown. Massive butterflies populate logs and rocks on both sides of the river ... wings gently waving to showcase their majestic coloring. The butterflies remain, and sometimes their wings still move, but the overhead canopy  that added so much to the atmosphere in this area was removed during a rehab in 2000.  You know the planet is doomed when even Disney's Amazon gets deforested.


See for yourself why people call the Carrie B boat cruise one of the best things to do in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  We have received phenomenal customer reviews , high ratings on Trip Advisor, plus continual great reviews in various local publications such as New Times of Broward & Palm Beach and GO Riverwalk Magazine. Our sightseeing trips are repeatedly deemed one of the highest quality cruises around Fort Lauderdale by many of our customers!

Keep in mind that this is an incomplete list. It doesn’t mention the  Peter Pan reboot that the studio wants to make with Pete’s Dragon director David Lowery, or the Winnie the Pooh reboot that Alex Ross Perry is working on, or the Mulan and  Pinocchio reboots , or the various spinoffs centered around the Genie , Prince Charming , and Rose Red . But we’re guessing the titles mentioned above are a little further along in the process, and therefore more likely to be done in time to grab those 2017-2019 release dates.

Said to balance the “familiar with the unfamiliar”  and lay down a new series of rules for this most precious of cinematic universes,  Star Wars: The Last Jedi  has been penciled in for release on December 15th. It’ll be followed in relatively quick succession by Ron Howard’s  Han Solo  spinoff before Colin Trevorrow’s brings the curtain down on Disney’s rebooted trilogy with the release of  Episode IX  in May of 2019.

Various Jungle Massive 4 V's The Hardsteppers DJ Sampler - Vol 4Various Jungle Massive 4 V's The Hardsteppers DJ Sampler - Vol 4Various Jungle Massive 4 V's The Hardsteppers DJ Sampler - Vol 4Various Jungle Massive 4 V's The Hardsteppers DJ Sampler - Vol 4