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A roughly one-mile circumference bowl of ruined cityscape spans the area. The pervasive radiation has irradiated the local marked men , as well as some deathclaws that roam the ruins.

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One Piece
[ Level 1 ]
Country of origin : Japan
* Episode 360 (Thriller Bark arc)
- Perona can use her devil fruit to create an astral projection of herself and can change it's size at will, which she does when her ghosts have no effect on Usopp. YouTube video of GTS scene . [ hevex9 ]
Perona: Composite Cel (sent by DoriantM )
* Episodes 408-421 (Amazon Lilly arc)
- Aphelandra appears at the start of the Amazon Lily arc where Luffy, after being sent flying by one of the warlords of the sea away from his crew, landed on the Island of Women. He was rescued by three Amazons (one of them being Aphelandra) after accidentally eating a Parasite mushroom that would have killed him if they haven't arrived. Although there are other large-sized women on the island, Aphelandra is considered to be the tallest on the island. Also to appear during the arc are the Boa sisters aka the leaders of Amazon Lily as well as (for the oldest one's case) one of the Warlords of the Sea. Two of the sisters ( Marigold and Sandersonia) are also large-sized humans  while oldest sister Boa Hancock is practically half their size (she is still considered taller than the average human however). It was also revealed in a flashback that Sandersonia was a large-sized human to begin while Marigold was only slightly taller than Hancock. [ BlazingBarrager ]
* Episode 437-??? (anyone want to help narrow this down?)
- The next one to appear is Emporio Ivankov, the "queen" of the Kamabakka Kingdom (an island completely opposite to the Isle of Women that is inhabited by transexual men) as well as a commander of the Revolutionaries Army. Although he is normally a man, his Devil Fruit power, the Horu Horu no Mi (Horm Horm Fruit in English terms), allows him to control the hormones of the human body and thus giving him the power to change the aspects of any person (which includes sex, growth, skin pigment, and other aspects), including himself. Because he's a large-sized human (he towers over a great deal of characters who aren't giant), he can turn himself into a Mini GTS as even as a woman he is still twice (if not three times) the size of one of the Impel Down officers he fought during the escape. He appears in the Impel Down arc after Mr. 2 and Luffy (the latter who broke into Impel Down, the Government's Maximum Security Prison, to rescue his brother Ace from being executed) were trapped in Level 4 after Luffy gets badly poisoned by the warden thanks to his Devil Fruit power. The two were rescued by Inazuma, another prisoner that Iva freed earlier on during their stay in Impel Down (they were both prisoners, but managed to break out of their cells and create the secret Level of Impel Down, a level that's considered paradise) and were taken to Iva, who treated both Mr. 2 and Luffy (Luffy begged Iva to save Mr. 2 despite his own demise). He has since aided Luffy in the escape from Impel Down (during which he uses his Female Form to fight one of the Impel Down officers) right to the battle between Whitebeard and the World Government. Also, because of his powers to change the aspect of the human body, he has the potential to create a GTS seeing as how he turned a man (and himself) into a woman on screen (Inazuma also switches genders, but this is mostly off screen) as well as enlarge his head (or multiply it) to even larger sizes for powered-up versions of his powerful (yet ridiculous) Death Wink attack. [ BlazingBarrager ]
* Episode 464 (maybe some other episodes as well)
- Finally, we have the giant woman who happens to be part of the Government's Giant Squad (who appeared during the war between Whitebeard and the governement). She is also the first female giant to appear in the series, but is, as of now, currently unnamed. This giantess also appears in one of the openings of the show... which one hasn't yet been determined. [ BlazingBarrager and hevex9 ]
* Manga : Chapter 612
* Select episodes from 531-574

- During their stay on Ryugu Kingdom, Luffy and the other Straw Hats are picked up by King Neptune and taken to his castle as thanks for rescuing his daughter's pet shark from the Kraken. While at the castle, Luffy wanders off after smelling some food and eventually comes to a large door. Thinking that the door was a food vault, he went in only to find that it was really a bedroom that belonged to Shirahoshi, a giant mermaid and princess of Ryugu Kingdom after accidentally walking into her breasts. Compared to Luffy, she dwarfs him to the point where he has to dodge her tears when she cries after mistaking him as someone who came to take her life making her on par with the giants. YouTube video of Shirahoshi's first appearance . [ MT17 and BlazingBarrager ]
Manga Chapter 612 (GTS scenes only)
* Episodes 575-578 (Z's Ambition arc)
- The Straw Hats finally reach the New World! There is a whole fleet of Neo Marine ships, one of which houses Ain and Bins. The Straw Hats fight back against a fleet of Marine ships, but it turns out to be a mirage. Huge raindrops appear out of nowhere, and the water suddenly splits. The Straw Hats wake up with different clothes. However, Sanji sees that the food he cooked is gone, so he blames it on Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper until Chopper wonders if the sea is haunted. Suddenly, the food begins to be eaten very quickly. Luffy finds the person who ate the food and it turns out to be little girl who is really small. She attacks the Straw Hats and they fight back. It is then revealed that she ate the Mini Mini no Mi and that her name is Lily. She turns out to be a giant, though her devil fruit makes her small. She befriends the Straw Hats after they save her from drowning and wants to see her dad (this is why she invaded the Marine's fleet of ships). She appears again and of course grows again near the end of Episode 576. She appears but does not grow in Episode 577. Episode 578, where she has more screen time as a GTS, is her final appearance. YouTube video of GTS scene in Episode 575 . [ hevex9 ]
* Manga: Chapter 658 and others (so far)
* Episode 583 (Punk Hazard arc)
- Caesar Clown is conducting experiments on children, turning them gigantic. Throughout the arc, the Straw Hats are trying to save the children; some are giant, some are normal size and tiny in comparison. Several of the giant children are girls, namely Mocha, who becomes a primary ally to the Straw Hats. There are numerous scenes where the children play with the 'little' Straw Hats (such as when a group of girls captures Chopper), or when the children are brainwashed and are forced to fight the Straw Hats. The children are introduced in Episode 583 (Chapter 658 in the manga), and then appear regularly throughout the arc. YouTube clip of Episode 583. [ multiple contributors ]
* Manga : Chapters 711, 718, and 738 (so far)
* Select episodes from 648-currently ongoing
- Robin found herself captured by dwarves after they knocked her and Usopp unconscious in a previous chapter. When she told them that she will not harm them, the dwarves released her leaving her baffled at them being so trusting. Naturally, with the dwarves being a tribe of tiny people, Robin appears gigantic to them. [ SerbianGoblin and Mab ]
Manga Chapter 711 - full story, starting at GTS scenes
Manga Chapter 718 - full story, starting at GTS scenes
Manga Chapter 738 - full story, starting at GTS scenes
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Ralphie Dee & Dino Blade VariousRalphie Dee & Dino Blade VariousRalphie Dee & Dino Blade Various