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Riff Raff is an endlessly quotable , sui generis pop culture figure, a bona fide celebrity who pals around with Drake and Justin Bieber. His YouTube videos get millions of views. In the last year, his concert fees have jumped tenfold.

At first glance, William Morris and Grayson Perry don’t appear to have that much in common. One, after all, was a bearded, rugged and earnest Victorian socialist ...

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Banksy paints over the line between aesthetics and language, then stealthily repaints it in the unlikeliest of places. His works, whether he stencils them on the streets, sells them in exhibitions or hangs them in museums on the sly, are filled with wit and metaphors that transcend language barriers.

More generally (yet another link with Morris), he digs deep into English styles and traditions as a source for his projects. For Perry, the rumbustious satirical sequences of William Hogarth or the poignant documentary photography of Martin Parr (a friend) offer crucial reference-points. Hogarth’s “A Rake’s Progress” lies behind the tapestries of taste across the social strata – The Vanity of Small Differences – that emerged from the Channel 4 series. Historian and art critic Simon Schama, Perry’s shrewdest fan so far, has praised the “social storytelling” of pots, sculptures and textiles that belong to the “full English breakfast idea of English art – rich, meaty, abundant and gloriously greasy with the social fry-up”. Perry told Schama that “we are missing our own brilliant contribution to world culture, which is to say, ‘Oh come off it’. That’s what we do, hold complex ideas and manage to be ambiguous in a humane way, to celebrate humanity while at the same time satirising it, that’s what makes us English”.

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Unknown Artist Suburban Soul UntitledUnknown Artist Suburban Soul UntitledUnknown Artist Suburban Soul UntitledUnknown Artist Suburban Soul Untitled