Earthbound - sometimes ep

Even when Treasure was doing embarrassing shit like this for money in their early days, that didn’t stop the legendary developer from bringing their all. This strange gem was Suzuki’s masterpiece before moving into a directorial role as the head of Treasure’s sound team, heralding even greater things to come.

In 2015, John appointed Gary Delaney, and Daniel Lesden as the new A&Rs for JOOF Recordings, responsible for overseeing the growth of the label. At the start of 2016, John re-branded 'JOOF V2' to 'JOOF Mantra', a hub dedicated to the label's notorious psy-trance sound. 2016 also saw the formation of "JOOF Aura", a new label dedicated to deep-seated, and trance-orientated Progressive House tracks.

Poniżej prezentujemy aktualną skalę ocen. Zestawienie otwiera wyłączenie z klasyfikacji - w tym przypadku nie jest wystawiona ocena, może na ten fakt mieć wpływ emocjonalny stosunek do albumu/wykonawcy bądź poziom materiału może znacznie wykraczać poza oczekiwania recenzenta. Skala ocen nie jest liniowa, pierwszeństwo ma opis słowy.

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What a kind and intelligent criticism of Mr. Tsoukalos and his physical appearance none of which disproves or proves the authenticity of the so-called Roswell Stone.

Earthbound - Sometimes EPEarthbound - Sometimes EPEarthbound - Sometimes EPEarthbound - Sometimes EP