Solar plexus - submerged / solar plexus

Color meanings of orange in dreams offers questions like:

  • What needs balancing in your life?
  • How can I temper my obsessions yet still remain creatively productive?
  • What kind of results are my actions, over time, going to yield?
  • Am I approaching my life in a creative way?
  • How can I incorporate more creativity and play in my daily life?
  • What's my idea of satisfaction, contentment, completion?
Yellow color meanings in dreams radiates themes of centralization, focus, awareness and reminds us of our role as humans within the context of the whole. Consider the yellow tones of the sun, and how central this star is to our existence. Consider the center (solar plexus) chakra which is also yellow and governs our will and even our sense of identity. Some of the first flowers to burst out of a long dormancy are yellow (dandelions, daffodils), this screams to me about awakening - resurfacing - becoming aware (maybe for the first time) of the larger picture of life. Yellow is the color of intelligent design , and when we dream in yellow it reflects a special kind of clarity. Yellow is a bright idea, and an epiphany on a grand scale. When we dream of yellow, our deeper consciousness is paving the way (yellow brick road?) to a path of higher understanding and mystical awareness. Yellow centralizes our energetic focus so that we may intensify our presence. That intensity then radiates outward - just as the light of the sun does. Effectually, dreaming of yellow indicates a time of intelligent reflection in which we are influencing the world around us in amazing ways.

Compounding this state of affairs, the Chinese family system, once a force for stability, proved unsuited to modern nationalism. Many officials thought more of bettering their families than they did of furthering the national interest, a concept difficult in any case for many Buddhist- and Confucian-oriented Chinese to grasp and apply. One result was that widespread nepotism, from which not even Chiang himself was entirely immune, enfeebled the Government and its bureaucracy.

The unnerving part is the implication. The easier it is discovered for life to evolve on its own (for example if life was discovered in the underground seas of Europa), the higher the probability the Great Filter lies ahead of us.

The Teacher bids you rejoice at each attainment of the spirit. The way to and from other planets is no more difficult than is the passage between the physical and astral bodies, no more complicated than understanding the process of thought and striving to the stars. Only in striving for the interplanetary can we be assured of the evolution of humanity.

Solar Plexus - Submerged / Solar PlexusSolar Plexus - Submerged / Solar Plexus