Deetah el paraiso rico

Deetah (born Claudia Ogalde, February 29, 1976) is a dance/hip hop singer and rapper. Deetah 's name is a shortening of a childhood nickname, "Claudita".

In the mid-1990s, she launched a singing career, singing with the group Goldmine and appearing on tracks by Tupac Shakur , Notorious . , and Ophélie Winter . Her debut album Deadly Cha Cha was issued in 1998. The album yielded two Top 40 hits on the UK Singles Chart : the song "Relax", which sampled Dire Straits ' " Why Worry ", reached #11, and "El Paraiso Rico", which sampled Madonna 's " La Isla Bonita ", peaked at #39. [2] She also appeared on Richard Blackwood 's hit single, "1-2-3-4 Get with the Wicked". [3]

Deetah El Paraiso RicoDeetah El Paraiso RicoDeetah El Paraiso RicoDeetah El Paraiso Rico