Cruzeman ॐ - sessions

When you suffer the loss of a loved one, hold the thought of them in your mind before going to sleep, ask them to come and let you feel their gentle embrace or hear their kind are never alone ❤ Love transcends all dimensions.

Most importantly, remember that everyone starts somewhere. Start when you are not strong. Start when you are stiff. Start when you are flexible. Start when you are busy. Start when you are happy. Start at 20, start at 50. Start even if you are shaking. But start. Because everyone starts somewhere.

Full Moon.. and for those born in this moon you were given the life totem of the Bear! I have seen so many bear videos posted on facebook in the last few days.. we sometimes don't even know why we are drawn to things.. but our intuition does <3
Make your intentions, smudge, pray, drum.. and remember that we are all in this together.. Bear People.. take time to process your year.. rest.. sleep.. pay attention to dreams <3

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