Basement jaxx - kish kash

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Ya these may be the best reviewed of the decade but they are definitely not artists that I listen to often, I would get annoyed by 90% of this list after a few listens.

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Pre-set macros.
"ENERGY SAVING" function: with the stop or total dimmer effect on, or with all the CMY filters full (black), consumption cut by 50%
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"AUTOTEST" function from menù
Electronic monitoring with status error
Cooling system monitoring
DMX level monitoring on all channels
Internal data transmission diagnostics
Firmware Upgrade with no power
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English electronic music duo Basement Jaxx has released six studio albums , two compilation albums , 17 extended plays , thirty-four singles , one soundtrack album, and a number of other appearances.

Meshell Ndegeocello was touring in the UK when she worked with the duo for "Right Here's the Spot" and "Feels Like Home". But on the second day, she felt ill and they had to make her a bed in the vocal booth. [6] She told PrideSource about her experience working with the duo: "It was good. I had a great time and I enjoyed it very much. It was nice to work with different people. I always enjoy the experience of making music with people". On the making of "Right Here's the Spot", she laughed, stated: "I go out (to night clubs) myself and I love that particular genre of music. It was fun." [14] In 2015, she recalled the sessions with the duo, she stated that they "definitely taught [her] about sonics and sound, and also just the method of singing a lot and letting someone sift through it all and find the phrases which they like."

Basement Jaxx - Kish KashBasement Jaxx - Kish KashBasement Jaxx - Kish KashBasement Jaxx - Kish Kash