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The back cover has been under much scrutiny by fans in terms of interpretation. It depicts three men playing cards with a globe in the center of the table in a futuristic diner with a flying saucer hovering outside in the background. The three men appear as Marlon Brando from The Wild One , a long-haired bearded man in a graduation cap and gown and a Bandito with a sly look on his face. Some have interpreted it as Man, Jesus Christ and The Devil playing cards for the world. However the artist, John Van Hamersveld, has never confirmed this.

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In the United Kingdom, a more affluent option is custom-fitted wardrobes, which are built around the size and shape of the room.

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Be Part of the Movement to End Violence against Women, BWSS Prevention and Intervention Training – Spring 2018 If you’re in the vicinity of metro Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory and want to help end violence against women, Battered Women’s Support Services is accepting applications for our Violence Prevention and Intervention Training Program Spring 2018. We… Continue Reading

The mission of the Community Clothes Closet is to provide free clothing and opportunities for our clients to improve their lives. Our shoppers can shop knowing that the CCC won't charge, and they can save their money to use for other living expenses. The CCC, in conjunction with many of its programs, also provides educational opportunities for parents and children. Through its New Start Boutique, the CCC provides the opportunity for new job seekers and new job starters to shop for career clothing, giving them a chance to change their situation.

The language usage and labeling itself is a major theme and common occurrence in Epistemology of the Closet . The book proposes the argument that "homosexuality" is a loaded term. According to Sedgwick, this term "has always seemed to have at least some male bias –- whether because of the pun on Latin homo = man latent in its etymological macaronic, or simply because of the greater attention to men in the discourse surrounding it." (17)

Various From The ClosetVarious From The ClosetVarious From The ClosetVarious From The Closet