Charles magnante and his orchestra - magnante plays polkas

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In the '40s, Magnante continued moving his instrument into new territory. He became associated with players such as guitarist Tony Mottola on guitar and organist George Wright , all members of the CBS musical staff. He also played many studio sessions on the side, and there's a good chance that an accordion run on any pop record from this decade or the '50s is Magnante , if not one of his quartet mates. While Mottola was later associated with easy listening albums, the early recordings of his crowd were more along the lines of hi-fi experimentation, exotica, and the classy weirdness that is known as space age pop. Magnante was a favorite of the latter genre's guru Enoch Light , appearing on more Light music than any other instrumentalist. Magnante also created instructional books and arrangements of popular and classical tunes for the accordion, resulting in quite a few accepted standard arrangements for the instrument. His best known composition is the solo "Accordiana" which he claims was composed in 20 minutes. Some of these arrangements and titles were part of his own career as a leader on labels such as Grand Award and Command. Outside music, Magnante 's main hobby was big-game hunting. His prize trophy was the hunting equivalent of Carnegie Hall, a 1,000 pound grizzly bear; which unlike a classical music fan is a form of life that can't be vanquished with an accordion arpeggio.

Symphony Gold The Symphony Gold has been created as an evolution of the historic
"Continental", keeping its basic line unchanged,
embellished with fine gold finishings, silent and smooth keyboard.
Another milestone on the Excelsior road Tasti / Keys: 42
Larghezza Tasto / Keyboard size: standard
Bassi / Bass buttons: 120
Voci Canto / Treble sets of reeds: 4
Voci Bassi / Bass sets of reeds: 6
Registri Canto / Treble registers: 13+M
Registri Bassi / Bass registers: 7+M
Cassotto: 2
Sordina / Mute
Peso / Weight: Kg 12,2
Dimensioni / Size: 496x200x435  

Charles Magnante And His Orchestra - Magnante Plays PolkasCharles Magnante And His Orchestra - Magnante Plays PolkasCharles Magnante And His Orchestra - Magnante Plays PolkasCharles Magnante And His Orchestra - Magnante Plays Polkas