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Elliott Murphy's classic album Lost Generation featured in Rolling Stone . Elliott Murphy's 1975 classic album Lost Generation , produced by Paul Rothschild (Doors, Janis Joplin), has been featured in a current Rolling Stone top singer-songwriter albums of the 1970's article . You can buy it NOW on iTunes.

Roy Williams was also presented with his 25yrs membership awards at Bath Archers - A glass tankard and certificate showing his first recorded score!
A picture of Roy with Stella is also in the Photos page for 2017.

In February 2013, the . appeals court heard Argentina's appeal in the case of its default and debt to NML. [48] In March 2013, Argentina offered a new plan to the courts that mixed cash and bonds, [49] which was dismissed first by the lower courts and then the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on August 23, 2013. [50] In June 2014, the . Supreme Court rejected Argentina's appeal of the ruling. [51] In March 2014, attempting to satisfy court awards, NML Capital sued SpaceX seeking the rights to two satellite-launch contracts bought by Argentina valued at $113 million. [18] : 2 [52] [53] In March 2015, the suit was dismissed in a . district court in California. [54] [55] In early 2016, US courts ruled that Argentina must make full payments to "holdout bondholders" such as NML Capital by February 29. Argentina made an offer to pay $ billion to settle lawsuits on February 5, requesting that the prior ruling on payments be lifted. [56] In February 2016 Argentina reached an agreement with Singer [57] that would only last until April 14, 2016. [58] On March 24, 2016, the US Justice Department filed a brief as amicus curiae with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York, calling for "a swift resolution of this long-running litigation [with Argentina]," a move that, according to the New York Times , increased "the pressure on a group of holdout bondholders"—including Singer's NML Capital—"that refused to take part in two debt restructurings." [56] The bill was approved by both parties in Argentina's Congress in March, and on April 13 [59] US courts allowed Argentina to pay the bondholders [60] with a bond sale, [61] ending the Argentine default started in 2001. [62]

For a while, I didn’t want anyone to know that I was trans. But now, I happily tell people because my goal in life is not only to become a successful musician but also, a trans advocate. I have so much love for my trans family and I want to spread that love as much as I can.

Food was very good. Morrocan menu items were authentic and well prepared. Wine list is not large but suits menu well. Service is adequate and prompt but a little too familiar.

Paul Elliot Quality Not QuantityPaul Elliot Quality Not QuantityPaul Elliot Quality Not QuantityPaul Elliot Quality Not Quantity